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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some Info, A Couple of Links and Afronerd Visits NPR Tommorrow, 1:15pm eastern!

Well it's my turn up at bat as I'm scheduled to appear on this Monday's Bloggers Roundtable. hosted by News & Notes' Farai Chideya. I also wanted to highlight the latest Dr. Cosby appearance, this time in the motor city of Detroit at a televised town hall meeting on education. Check out this link which shows what the Coz does best-tell the truth. Shay of the Booker Rising blog also denoted another Cosby sighting-this time in Newark with hizzoner Corey Booker. And lastly, perhaps in honor of Cosby, Juan Williams and NPR, take a gander at this past war of words (clips below) between Syracuse professor, Boyce Watkins and NPR (and Fox's) Mr. Williams. I feel your pain, Juan....but keep speaking truth to power.

Boyce Watkins:

Juan Williams' response:

Oh and check out one more interesting article on the Coz in Detroit.......He said that he's tired of losing to White people-I would dovetail on that statement by simply stating that I am tired of some of us just losing...

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