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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Every Once In Awhile A Rapper Will Make A Modicum of Sense......Killer Mike Interview

I was trolling the streets of the ATL Heat blog (hat tip to them for this clip) when I came across the above Killer Mike interview. Please excuse the expletives but I was actually quite pleased with Mike's candor during this conversation. I readily admit that for the last few years I have slowly divested myself from hip hop culture. I exclusively listen to the classic hip hop artists and their more current alternative/progressive incarnations. I'm not a fan of Killer Mike's work, although as a pop culture critic I am aware of his presence. Perhaps I will take a closer look at Mike's music but in the interest of full disclosure-the minstrel aesthetic of commercial rap has turned me off to such a degree, I'm looking at classic and alternative rock for solace. Next up-tonight's Afronerd Radio's Mother's Day show!

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