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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rape Dat Ho Video Causes a Stir........Memphis We Have A Problem!

Unfortunately, I retrieved this clip from a site entitled, podblanc which espouses an obvious racist bent-but the video is making the rounds as further evidence of the degradation of our culture. As much as I detest tit for tat arguments in my quest to fight my instincts to promulgate tribal rebuttals, the Girls Gone Wild videos are exponentially worse...that's for the podblanc set. Nevertheless, the lack of supervision coupled with the students' lack of decency should not go away without due criticism and public admonishment. Check below for more on this story, courtesy of WREG.com:

School "Rape Dance" Video Posted on YouTube Shocks Parents


* Video posted on YouTube.com causing concern among parents
* Clip called "Dancing Mitchell High School Memphis"
* Tape shows disturbing video labeled "Rape Dance"


(MEMPHIS 5/05/2008) -- A video posted on YouTube.com is causing a lot of concern among Memphis City School Parents.

The clip labeled, "Mitchell High School Memphis ... Rape Dat Ho," was posted last month. It was flagged as offensive then taken down, but not before News Channel 3 recorded the clip on tape.

The images are disturbing. They are graphic and hard to watch. It shows young men and women engaging in what one parent described as "sex with clothes on."

At least seven teenagers are seen on the tape engaged in dances simulating sex. Other students are seen and heard shouting, "Rape Dat Ho." The posted video lasts over a minute. There were no administrators or adult supervisors seen on the tape.

We communicated with the person who posted the video via email. "I'm sorry but I refuse to give any information about the video. The video was just for fun," the poster replied.

We know the video will get a strong reaction, and we want you to talk about it. We want to assure you, we're not going to just show the shocking video and then walk away. Our purpose is to show there is a problem, and then offer solutions.

We've already conducted a round table discussion with several women to discuss the underlying issues the tape exposes. The women offered interesting advice and concrete ideas about what can be done to curb this behavior in the future. You'll see that discussion in the coming days on News Channel 3.

We will also continue to ask the administration questions about what appears to be a break down in supervision.

A group of five administrators watched a copy of the video last week then offered a response. "We've had an opportunity to look at the video and just want to make it very clear that behavior that we saw on the tape is very disturbing," said MCS spokesperson Staci Franklin. "However, in just what we've seen today we cannot clearly identify that those are our students and that it is one of our schools."

News Channel 3 received a written request for a copy of the tape, and we will be providing that copy to the administration Tuesday.

"With further investigation, if we are able to identify any student that participated in this, it totally violates our student code of conduct and they will be disciplined accordingly," said Franklin.

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