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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Michelle Obama and Sally Field have in common......

I'm sure everyone by now has heard Michelle Obama's infamous "first time I'm proud" speech. The unfortunate lesson that Mrs. Obama has learned is that in politics one cannot be so honest as to forsake political expediency. I liken her faux pas to the actress Sally Field's legendary "you really like me" Oscar acceptance speech when she exclaimed to the academy that after all of her work she was finally accepted. Well in the case of Mrs. Obama, her husband still has a way to go if he is to get nominated and even farther still, if he is matched up with the Republican front runner, John McCain.

One thing that I suspect many of my critics and/or detractors mistakenly believe is that this writer is some sort of apologist for America's racist power structure. This is certainly not the case. People of color have irrefutably been the victims of a historically racist society. But as I have stated many times since this blog's inception-one does not remain a victim ad infinitum. If the system is racist as a constant, then it is incumbent for the victim to be in flux and malleable. It is hard for many Whites who have naturally possessed white skin color privilege to comprehend that Black folk do not see this country the same way they do. And that's OK.

Many people of color just do not have the luxury as Marty McFly to get into a souped up Delorean and travel backwards in time. What time period was great for a Black person? How about 1870? 1930" 1965? If Cindy McCain were to attempt a Black Like Me experiment, perhaps she wouldn't have had such a snappy repartee in response to Michelle Obama. It is understandable for a Black/Brown person to see the country in a different light based on the amount of votes Obama has received from varying nationalities willing to consider a Black president. What's not copasetic is for enabling and victimization precepts to be the "constant" or the cornerstone in a sepia toned philosophical paradigm. I hear you Mrs. Obama.....even we conservatives of color get it-you just can't say it aloud if you want to win an election. For more of the Michelle Obama fall out and her explanation, click here.

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