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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gary Coleman Gets married......

Of course this news is of lesser weight and significance than the Hillary vs Obama vs McCain political drama but I’m glad that Mr. Coleman was able to find someone. I always thought that Coleman was always tortured soul on a number of different levels. Whether his troubles originated from his childhood kidney problems, stature or betrayal by his adoptive parents, he appeared to fall into the same self-destructive and tragic mode that has affected other child actors. This latest bit of breaking news may have broken the curse. This just in, courtesy of Gearlive.com:

Put away the wedding gown ladies. Gary Coleman is now a married man!
According to People magazine Coleman, 40, married Shannon Price, last August 28...on her 22nd birthday!
The nuptials took place “on a mountaintop”, according to the Diff’rent Strokes star. “Nobody was around but the minister, preacher, the videographers, the photographer, the helicopter pilot and us. That was all that was there. There was nobody else.”
Coleman, who met his bride on the set of their movie Church Ball, tells People that it is also his first ever romantic relationship. “I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone,” he says. “I wasn’t saving myself, she just happened to be the one.” (Oh, how sweet!)
Coleman however, does admit that things aren’t always kisses and sweet talk between them. He says that sometimes after an argument, they can go a whole week without speaking while she claims, “he lets his anger conquer him sometimes. … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction.” She adds, “I don’t like the violence.”
Neither of them, however, have any issues with the age difference.
Well, as they say, diff’rent strokes for VERY different folks!

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