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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Calling it.....Condi for VP!

The idea of a McCain-Rice ticket has been touted around certain media outlets and cyberspace as of late and I must admit that it would be quite an ingenious move on the part of the McCain camp if such a match-up were considered. Think about it-such a team up would bolster some excitement on the Republican side of the political aisle as well as rally the more conservative factions within the party. And let’s face it, it would also address race (although many would definitely question Secretary Rice’s Black authenticity-and you thought Obama had issues) and gender in one large swoop. I'm still an Obamacan but as far as pure entertainment value, a McCain-Rice team would be in the immortal words of SNL's Jon Lovitz-that's the ticket! Let's take a look at this supposition, courtesy of MiamiPoetryReview.com:

As the stage was set for the final Bush State of the Union address, his cabinet members made their usual grand entrance to the halls. As Ms. Condoleezza Rice did so, pundits at MSNBC wondered aloud if she might not be an excellent candidate for vice president.

Commentary: While some have insisted that Ms. Rice is in her position only because of her relationship with the president, others see her as a woman of enormous talent. While the speculation centered on her joining the Republican candidate for president for November, there seems no likelihood that she would become part of either a John McCain or Mitt Romney ticket though the current Secretary of State would have seemingly been a match for Rudy Guiliani. Yet if Barack Obama were to be the candidate he could seemingly make a strong step towards ending the divisiveness in Washington by asking a Republican to join the ticket (to say nothing of choosing a black woman).

What say you? Any thoughts on this matter? Share your thoughts...

Oh and check out this photoshop special...funny:

Or god forbid this.....damn she has my vote already!

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