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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What exactly is the Beef Between Barack and Tavis? I'm just wondering...

One has to admit that the above interview with Senator Obama on Tavis Smiley's show was perhaps the most candid tete a tete of a presidential candidate on record. I've had my criticism's of Smiley in the past for highlighting too many Black progressives during his annual State of the Black Union gatherings without a sufficient conservative counter-balance. But I appear to be late on a brewing disagreement between the Senator and Smiley as noted on today's Michael Baisden radio show during an interview with Michelle Obama. I've had a nasty taste in my mouth ever since many in the old Civil Rights (the yes suh or "make me feel good" crowd) guard during last year's Black Union conference made unfounded proclamations about Senator Obama's questionable Black allegiance.....again. What is the beef this time? Well maybe it starts with an email. Check this out, courtesy of SOHH's message boards:

Obama vs Tavis?

What do our readers make of this scuffle? Let's hear it.

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