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Monday, February 04, 2008

Well We're finally here Folks......First the Superbowl and Now Super Tuesday

Well in a few hours the race begins and if we are lucky history will be made. I'm curious about what our readers think regarding this historic run. I must say that even as a blogger with conservative leanings, I would like to see Senator Obama fare well for purely tribal if not symbolic notions. The Republicans (if one were to believe Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh) believe Senator McCain to be a liberal wolf in conservative sheep's clothing. The reality is that the nation is looking for demonstrative political change....all leading back to a centrist legislative paradigm. And what about those Dems? With an alleged racially divisive stratagem on the part of the Clintons, can this duo save face if an Obama/Clinton (or vice versa) ticket does not come to fruition? And let's say Billary does come out a winner on Tuesday and Obama is not considered, is it going to be assumed that people of color will just fall in (liberal) line despite the aforementioned political machinations? This, my friend, might be what I have suggested should happen-Black folk starting to dismantle the political monolith and spread themselves toward the center and god forbid-the right. Don't worry folks the water is still warm on the right side of the pool. Again, a quarter (adjusted for inflation) for your thoughts !

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