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Sunday, December 02, 2007

What Do You Think-Self Defense or an Execution? Texan Kills Burglars during call to 911

Well this could only happen in Bush country and I must confess that I am indifferent about the outcome. It appears that yet again we have a never-ending scenario of premature Black death due to gunfire. The progressives will undoubtedly look at this as a racially motivated execution over property-the two suspects were Black men of Latin extraction. I'm not going to discount the assertion that the incident didn't have racial overtones. But before I go any further into this-here is an excerpt from an article on the story, courtesy of cbsnews.com:

The 911 call came from a Pasadena, Tex., resident, who alerted police to two burglary suspects on a neighbor's property. Before he hung up, two men were dead by his hand.

Joe Horn, 61, told the dispatcher what he intended to do: Walk out his front door with a shotgun.

"I've got a shotgun," Horn said, according to a tape of the 911 call. "Do you want me to stop them?"

"Nope, don't do that - ain't no property worth shooting somebody over, OK?" the dispatcher responded.

"Hurry up man, catch these guys, will you? 'Cause I'm ain't gonna let 'em go, I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm not gonna let 'em go. I'm not gonna let 'em get away with this ----."

Shortly after, Horn said he sees one suspect was standing in front of his house, looking at it from the street.

"I don’t know if they’re armed or not. I know they got a crowbar 'cause that's what they broke the windows with. ... Man, this is scary, I can't believe this is happening in this neighborhood."

He gets more agitated. The dispatcher asks if he can see the suspects but they had retreated into the target's house, out of view: "I can go out the front [to look], but if I go out the front I'm bringing my shotgun with me, I swear to God. I am not gonna let 'em get away with this, I can't take a chance on getting killed over this, OK? I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna shoot."

And better yet, here is a clip of the 911 call unfettered:

What's going on here folks? Again, I'm not one that gets some kind of joy when I hear that young men of color are getting killed (although I have been accused of it) but there are some people that are tired of crime. There must be a strong message sent to our youth informing them that there are certain expectations if they seek to commit criminal acts-death or incarceration. What do our readers think? Let's hear your thoughts.

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