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Saturday, December 08, 2007

How Did I miss this? Stevie Wonder & Prince at Madison Square Garden!

How did I miss this? Stevie Wonder appeared at MSG before the Thanksgiving holiday and the show was billed that he was going to be featuring special guests but who would've thunk Stevie and Prince have collaborated over the years before (on Chaka Khan's Prince cover of I Feel For You-Stevie on harmonica, and more recently on Stevie's So What the Fuss) but I still wish I could have seen this show, especially since it occurred in my own backyard of sorts. Interestingly enough, during Prince's early years with Warner Bros, he was dubbed as a Stevie Wonder with sight. Again two geniuses at work folks...enjoy it while you can-I suspect Lil' Wayne is next on the bill. Jeez...

And of course, check out another Stevie & Prince collabo, courtesy of BET(lightning can strike once I guess at the minstrel station)-

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