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Saturday, December 15, 2007

And Speaking of Bessie......Rev. AL & the MLB up next....I promise

I thought that it would be apropos to at least provide a quick entry on the amazing Blues trailblazer, Bessie Smith before delving into Reverend Sharpton's latest (and probably not last) investigation. You really can't mention other phenomenal Blues/Soul/Jazz songstresses without paying homage to Ms. Smith, who many would consider the template for the modern female soul singer. The above snippet is from 1929's St. Louis Blues, a film short that is perhaps the only known film starring Smith. As the story goes, Ms. Smith died tragically in 1937 from injuries sustained in a car accident. Legend has it that Smith was refused entry into a White hospital during the period of racial segregation but that story has since been discredited-Bessie never regained consciousness while convalescing in a Black Hospital.

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