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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Robots Want to be Humans or Humans Want to be Robots......Go Figure!

Although I have never really explored my interest for sci-fi on Afronerd, it appears that I must, as science-fiction is quickly becoming science-fact. This is becoming more evident based on some fascinating new developments occurring out of Japan (to the chagrin, I suspect, of Westerners) in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. During my formative educational years, in between Marvel and DC I did manage to read my fair share of Huxley, Asimov and Bradbury and trust me, AI is coming. You think the current political landscape affirms treacherous exploration-wait until humans attempt to marry an object (can an android be considered an object, if sentience is the goal). I kid you guys not! I just happened to come across a book (courtesy of a Howard Stern recommendation) entitled, Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships , by David Levy. Levy posits that since humans have the ability to love on a variety of levels, including the ability to anthropomorphize their pets-human/robot relations are next. I give it less than 200 years-but hey I could be wrong. Unless of course, I'm alive for the Kenya Moore-bot, Leila Arcieri-bot and Lena Horne(retro bot)-I kid, I kid. Check out more examples (below) of a weird forthcoming future, including the vaunted robot dance. What do you guys think-will the robots rule? Pssst....Japan thinks so (they want to get rid of their immigrants-true story).

Meet Disney's Lucky-

A Bike riding android-

And a horny Japanese invention-

And then there's the boogaloo-

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