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Thursday, November 16, 2006

When Too Much OJ Can Give You an Upset Stomach

Who would have thought that the above clip from a British comedy show would provide a glimpse into O.J. Simpson's future. To jump to the punchline, the host, Armando Iannucci managed to get Orenthal's autograph on a piece of paper with the phrase, "I DID IT" emblazoned on it. Now, of course, Mr. Simpson has managed to garner a hefty paycheck thanks to publisher, Judith Regan and media outlet Fox television for a book/TV special combo, entitled, "If I Did It." WOW!...just when you thought the media could get no lower in a macabre limbo contest, they're actually able to get below the proverbial bar. The show will allow OJ to hypothetically discuss how he would have committed the murders of his wife and her alleged paramour Ron Goldman. Again, it's allegedly a supposition...wink wink. This is our media at their best. If it's time for OJ to confess then the media needs to own up to their complicity. No one ever seems to discuss how much money this decade plus case still generates due to the public's neverending prurient interest in it. A cottage industry has developed due in part (or whole) because of the "case of the century." If one were to calculate the revenue generated from CSI, its rip-offs and spin-offs as well as court punditry programming, it would be.....well..incalculable. I think I'm going to end this post right at this point....I will devote a more detailed analysis regarding the OJ case and its polarizing effects in an upcoming entry. Click on the link below for more regarding OJ's confession:

  • O.J. Simpson to confess — hypothetically
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