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Monday, November 06, 2006

Industry Ears is listening.....so be careful what you rap about!

Although I mentioned Industry Ears a few months ago in a previous post, I think the importance and urgency of this organization must be reemphasized. Ears, founded by political/media consultants Lisa Fager and Paul Porter, is a think tank/watchdog group that focuses on parity, decency and accuracy as it pertains to minorities in the media. This organization has done a great job at making sure the FCC is aware (via the ability to file complaints from Fager and Porter's site)of the media's double standards as it relates to people of color. One radio station that felt the wrath of Ears was New York's Hot 97(97.1 FM)-sometimes referred to as Shot 97,appropriately named due to a number of past shootings in front of the station.

One infamous incident that was squelched due to Fager's intervention, involved 97's "smackfest" game in which contestants(in this case 2 Black/Brown women) slap each other for a monetary prize until someone relinquishes. I would hope that those of us who are concerned about balance and respect for the Black image join Industry Ears' campaign to end the monkeyshines. The time to fight is now folks! Check out Ms. Fager as she points out a few of the aforementioned inconsistencies with these media outlets during an interview with John McLaughlin in the above video. Again, let's lend some assistance to this sister....she's fighting the good fight. For additional information click on the links below:

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