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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ok Now Finally.....The Election 2006

Well, as predicted, the 2006 elections have worked in favor for the Democrats, who successfully took both the House and Senate. Unfortunately, there is a long road to haul between now and the White House in the next two years. As I have stated many times in this blog, I am formally changing my political affiliation from liberal to conservative for strategic as well as ideological reasons. I have no absolute love for either party and truth be told, I would like for an effort to be made for a viable third party that could truly harness the collective power of women and minorities. My longstanding problem with the Democratic Party involves their continued adherence to following the lead of the old guard Civil Rights hierarchy while simultaneously discounting the complexities and pathologies of the Black underclass. In simple terms, we are no longer living in 1960.

We need to employ new millennium tactics....well, for the new millennium. It has been said many times that African-Americans, by and large are socially conservative. If that is the case, our vote should be more reflective of this phenomenon. In all fairness, the current neo-conservative/evangelical arm of the Republican party was long over due for their comeuppance. The constant (and convenient) terror alerts, the questionable state of the economy and the obvious finger pointing at liberal weaknesses(for political advantage and not for honest debate)was getting tired. So, let's see if people of color can galvanize and get ready for an interesting, if not eventful political battle in the next 24 months.....will it be Hillary or Rudy or McCain. President Barak Obama? Has an interesting ring to it....you decide.

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