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Monday, November 20, 2006

Gee...Looks Like Kramer Tripped into the Wrong Door This Time!

WOW! Isn't he special(in the words of Dana Carvey's Church Lady character)? To be honest, I have grown increasingly numb to racial tirades and the weekly celebrity implosions. As much as I loved the Kramer character and admired the high standard of writing on Seinfeld, I am not shocked that Michael Richards is nothing like his zany character. But don't forget that I am ever the contrarian here at Afronerd. I have friends who have done stand-up comedy in the past and dealing with hecklers is never a pleasureable experience when you are trying to do an act. Unfortunately, Richards showed us how he really feels just as his fellow thespian, Mel Gibson did a few months ago. But at this juncture, I am way beyond being affected by the word, nigger(or nigga, whichever fits nowadays). It's not my word. It's a European invention. And as I stated in a prior entry, just because a White person calls a person of color a nigger, does it make it so?

An analogy I often use, deals with Columbus proving the world is round. A great deal of Whites at the time believed the world was flat....it didn't make it a fact. I can call the sky green....does it make it correct? Conversely, using nigger does not make it a fact either. What I do care about centers around the inevitable appearance of the usual cast of characters when these events occur-either Sharpton, the NAACP or Rev. Jackson. You can bet that they will bring the fire and brimstone with the customary rebuttal and call to action. Where are these gentlemen when we have 24-7 minstrel programming that assaults the Black image daily? You could hear a pin drop.

One would have to be delusional to think that Whites(or Blacks and other nationalities) do not use the word. America is supposed to be about freedom.....if a person wants to use such language, so be it. Just remember that there are ramifications for its usage. One person may give you a hug, another may try to kill you. I'm not the gambling type so I'll stick to sir. The person that uses the word, regardless of his/her nationality really tells you more about himself than the individual that the epithet was directed toward. Richards singlehandedly defecated on his career, a beloved character, social standing and indirectly the Seinfeld franchise in one swoop. Just ask Mel, he knows the deal. Who's really the nigga now? For more of Richard's impression of Chernobyl click on the link below:

  • Michael Richards, a.k.a. Kramer, spews racial slurs during standup act
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