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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Were we wrong about Clarence?

As I grow increasingly more disenchanted with the current state of affairs pertaining to our country and people of color, I wonder if our chief justice, Clarence Thomas received a bad rap after all. I have to admit that I was always impressed with his achievements but remained indifferent regarding his politics. Now after witnessing a complete turnaround regarding what goes for African-American culture nowadays, it appears that the politics that many Blacks had a problem with may be our saving grace. Hear me out on this one. I'm not talking about the current administration of neo-conservatives, but a call to arms for Black conservatism. This just makes sense to me.

Black folks voting solely democratic as if it were part of our genomic structure is just foolish. And to quote Dr. Phil...how is this working out for us now? Although it may be hard to vote for Republicans this coming Tuesday, imagine if both parties valued the Black vote. It's called hedging your bets. If we always vote in the 90 percentile range for the democratic party, what leverage can you have when it's a given as to how you will vote. It's akin to being married to an abusive spouse. No matter how bad the treatment, it is highly unlikely the abused partner will leave. Perhaps a 60/40 democratic voting ratio this time as opposed to 90/10. I think I will investigate and relay more info regarding Mr. Thomas in a later entry. Let's try to be strategic this time folks. In the immortal words of Spike Lee....WAKE UP!

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