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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Talk About Putting a Foot in Your Mouth.....WOW!

First I have to give a shout out to the crew at New York's Kiss-FM(98.7 on the FM dial) for giving me an opportunity to speak and plug my blog this morning. One of the topics on this Mother's Day dealt with the ousting of Troi Torain aka "Star" of the infamous Star and Bucwild morning show(of Power 105.1) last week, for making derogatory remarks and threats against a rival dj's child. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by repeating what Torain stated, let's just state that he was willing to go down the road of R. Kelly on a 4 year old child. I will be honest by stating that I was an avid listener of his program mainly because I thought that he was one of the few radio personalities that was highly critical of the current state of hiphop music. However, it appears that he was caught up in the same cesspool that he was critiquing. If anyone is familiar with the NY radio scene, it is one of the largest and most competitive broadcasting markets in the country. Personal threats and "hot talk" were passed between both Star and Hot 97's (97.1 fm) "DJ Envy" culminating in Star exclaiming "on air" that he would do harm to Envy's child and even offered $500 for the listener that could provide information as to the whereabouts of the child. To some this may be a question of freedom of speech, but this is an obvious line which no radio personality (or anyone) should cross. As of this date, Star was fired and later arrested on child endangerment charges. On today's show, Open Line I was not only able to mention the site but give my opinion on Star's quagmire, the general state of hiphop and how it is presently effecting the African-American community. In a nutshell, I repeated what I have attempted to do with this blog...provide an alternate view of Black life. Again, I implore the readers of this blog to start writing these media outlets to demand respect and balance when it comes to Black imagery. The disrespect stops now. Don't forget to scroll down to the previous posts to access contact information pertaining to the aformentioned media centers. And for more information regarding the Star and Bucwild controversy click on the link below:

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/12/nyregion/12radio.html?_r=3&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin

    Leslie71820 said...

    You are outraged but you didn't bother to remove your link to their website from your list.

    dburt said...

    The link will remain for a few more days as this is still a fresh story....other folks from different regions are unaware of this story so the link adds to the story...again just giving information at this time...it will be removed later.