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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Working a Double Shift on Labor Day! The Comic Shoppe Airs Sun @6pm & Afronerd Radio Starts @7pm EST! Also Check Daryll B's Latest Comix Entry

It appears some of us still intend to work during this Labor Day weekend! So our double matinee shows will still go forward for this Sunday's Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio combo! Join Dburt, Daryll B and Captain Kirk this Sunday at 6pm as they highlight the following pulp flavored topics: the SHIELD TV series goes from speculation to reality thanks to ABC; thoughts on DC new 52 a year later; returning to our infamous Versus segment-comparing and contrasting Adult Swim's Black Dynamite and The Boondocks; Canada's time loop drama, Continuum gets picked up by the SyFy network; can Kickstarter save the independent comic book industry? an all female Expendables might be in the works and lastly, our thoughts on our favorite comic book reads from the previous week.

Next up, Afronerd Radio airs at 7pm. The topics up for this week's discussion are: legendary actor/director, Clint Eastwood made what many have deemed a bizarre performance at this year's RNC; the untimely passing of hip hop mogul, Chris Lighty; Surpise! a recent study determined that Blacks with advanced degrees live longer; a bionic eye might actually make it to reality; thoughts on racial miscasting for Black themed films and a recent Rolling Stone magazine review of last week's Afropunk festival was favorable except the writer thought the event tagline "the other Black experience" might be outdated..whew! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620. Now let's peruse threw the meanderings of the Shoppe's own Daryll B:

Daryll B's back in town Loyal Readers and due to recent criticisms from co-workers, friends, and family, I am going to let you all in to how my mind works when it comes to the dreaded "c" word:

Continuity. (Yes. This old chestnut again...)

There have been articles about it on various sites. We, comic book aficionados have been the butt of jokes about how devoted we are to it. Heck, during our last Comic Shoppe show, the AfroNerd and I butted heads on continuity when it came to Wonder Woman, Superman, and their "new" love life. But why? Especially with a couple of characters that we don't particularly love that much...

Because it gives our passion a sense of order... a sense of direction... a sense that all the crummy books and stories we have bought / read in the past has had a significant part in building a foundation to this character's universe. We CRAVE that communal interaction when debating over significant moments of the hero / villain / protagonist. We LOVE the sense of history and with every new little change introduced, we debate how it hurts / helps the characters.

Biggest example of this are the changes that Brian Michael Bendis made to the Avengers when he got on board. As a fan of the Kurt Busiek Avengers run and overall Marvel History, the changes Bendis made to the team and certain points in the universe's history so his stories made sense were appalling to me. I took it as a slap in the face... and I love Bendis on stuff like Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Jinx.

On the other end of the scale, Afronerd loves most of these changes that Bendis has made. To him, the changes have made the characters more relatable. He also knew Brian Michael Bendis from Powers and Ultimate Spider-Man and came at his tweaks at a totally 180 degree position than I did. So why did I bring this up?

To show you all that, continuity is like everything else in terms of our science fiction addiction: left open to interpretation. There are no truly right or wrong answers just ones we agree to disagree with. Some more passionately than others of course but if I didn't disagree like a maniac, then I wouldn't be me right?

-Speaking of which.. First up on the link-blog is Tom Bondurant at Robot 6 talking about the new DC Power Couple:


Interesting reasoning why the move misses the mark in his eyes. And once again I love the commenters providing detailed reasons to debate the ideas.

-Now here's something I really try to avoid:


Now I always try to give credit to the writer or site that I recommend to you fine folks. If I ever neglect doing so, please let AfroNerd or I know. I want to make sure proper credit always goes to the original creators.

(Plus, I really, REALLY never get tired of seeing that Mystique vs The Smurfs pic by Canaan that is linked to by the article. "Papa...? The skulls...?" NEVER gets old! The Line It Is Drawn is one of the greatest creations in comic book internet history. THANK YOU Brian Cronin and all the artists involved!)

-Talking about great crossovers:


WHAT THE HELL HASBRO AND DC!!?!?!?!?!?? You guys allergic to money? An Invisible JetFormer... Optimus with a Green Lantern ring... This will be talked about on the net forEVER!!! Thanks to Bendis and idea originator Phil Jimenez for this...

(I think AfroNerd's mind just blew thinking about this...)

-Meanwhile, comedian Brett White uses lil ones close to him to show that the next generation are getting hooked on comic book heroes...


...just not on the books themselves.....

-ComicShoppe called it! ComicShoppe called it!


Damn! Captain Kirk is right. We should be getting royalties somewhere here... I think our headquarters might be bugged... Then again DC hasn't taken any of our ideas for the JLA movie...


It official! Our headquarters is bugged!!!!

-I may not like Quentin Tarantino but no denying that he can do the right thing....


I still don't know/understand why Tony Scott did it but he will be missed....

-Well Duh!!!!


OK raise hands if you thought this was going to be good after all the initial leaks hit the net? Thought so....

Finally, it was Jack Kirby's 95th Birthday on the 28th. David Brothers pays tribute by looking at his circle of Gods..


Many Thanks to Mr. Kirby!

Thanks for reading all and until next time... Keep Fantasizing!

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