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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Night's Show is Available 4 Listening & Mark Your Calendar for This Sun @7pm.-Legendary Bassist/Producer, Andre Cymone Stops By!

Welcome to Afronerdradio.com's Grindhouse Sundays! We're giving you the very best in your double feature aural experience with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting clean up at 7pm eastern. As custom, the "Podcast Avengers"-Daryll B., Dburt and Captain Kirk cover the latest news in the world of fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels and video gaming.

And then there's Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk aka Afronerd Radio broadcasting at 7pm! Folks, we ALWAYS exclaim that each show is not to be missed but THIS particular episode will be one for the historical archives! Set your clocks and mark your calendars as Afronerd welcomes iconic bassist and one of the architects of the Minneapolis Sound, Andre Cymone to our studios. We will, of course discuss Mr. Cymone's latest endeavors including a new song entitled, America as well as his musical legacy. And this time, we actually mean it when we emphatically state that THIS IS REALLY NOT THE SHOW TO MISS! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

Afronerd Radio Interviews Iconic Musician, Andre Cymone!

Oh and while you wait for Sunday's epic double whopper programming, we actually aired a new Mid Week in Review show last night:

To the point: Join Dburt and Captain Kirk this Wednesday for their Mid Week in Review broadcast starting at 7pm sharp! The topics to be discussed are: the controversial Packers v. Seahawks game and the NFL referee lockout; with friends like this who needs enemies-in a show of support, Obama supporter,Madonna, sports a POTUS inspired tattoo and says that she's thankful that a "Black Muslim" is in the White House (?); Conservative author/pundit exclaims that the Dems have abandoned "the Blacks" and the military might have actually created goggles that can read minds!

Afronerd's Mid Week in Review Edition Airs Wed @7pm EST!

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