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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Let It Be Said That We Don't Give Our Readers/Listeners Enough Info! Wed & Sunday's Afronerd Radio & Daryll B's Latest Entry!

Salutations with crumpets and cornbread, people! This Wednesday (at 7pm EST) pull up a seat and listen to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review show! Dburt and Captain Kirk will be shedding some conservative (and oftentimes independent) light on the following "mid week" current event topics: picking up from last week, famed author, Philip Roth's (Human Stain) correction of Wikipedia infers a lot of other implications; a HuffPost article posits what if social media existed during 911 NYC/Pentagon attacks; Chief Keef vs. Lupe Fiasco-what does it all mean?; and in Keef and Fiasco's hometown, the Chicago school strikes continue and if time permits, Dburt reminds the listeners of America's Black caste system (the birth of the term "lower tier"). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Broadcast starting at 7pm!

And then there's this upcoming Sunday's show (9.16.2012) featuring our interview with budding actress/filmmaker Sahndra Fon Dufe. As our Sunday "Double Feature" broadcasts of The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio grow in popularity, we feel compelled to up the ante with superior programming. At 6pm join Dburt, Daryll and Captain Kirk as they discuss current issues occurring in the world of geek/nerd culture, comics, video gaming, sci-fi and fantasy from a sepia toned perspective. And then at 7pm, we have yet another outstanding another interview scheduled with filmmaker/actress, Sahndra Fon Dufe, who is appearing on Afronerd to discuss her latest film project, Yefon.

Dufe, who is seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign, will discuss the importance of her crowdfunding venture,the socially conscious resolve of Yefon and its importance to African cinema. Per the above number you can call our hosts live and once again, this is not the show to miss!

Afronerd Radio's Double Duty Broadcast w/The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd Radio's Interview with "Yefon" actress/filmmaker, Sahndra Fon Dufe at 7pm!

And least and last in this case, our the latest pulp inspired meandering of The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

So I am going to head in a different direction with my blog today and review my Saturday Night out at the No Friends Tour performance in Brooklyn. In the shadow of hard rain and tornadoes, these brainy hip hop thespians rocked the house at Grand Victory in an energetic 4 hour performance. And in true Daryll B. style, I am going to equate them to another famous group of non-friend heroes: The Defenders.

  First up was Tribe-One a.k.a The Hulk. His flow has a sweet tinge to it but the melodies will impact on you hard. Like Bruce Banner and his alter-ego, you never knew what to expect from his rhymes, good or bad... yet didn't want him to stop flowing. If there was a rapper that I could compare him to it would be Ghostface for the unpredictability and power. His set truly left me on edge for the next act....  

  Next up was Jesse Dangerously a.k.a. The Silver Surfer. This dude's style can only be characterized as being "far out there" and totally cosmic. Like a latter day Biz Markie, Dangerously kept everyone light and involved. I'm actually surprised that there weren't noise complaints from the chanting and laughter to this point of the performance. It is obvious from his range and topics that Jesse has always loved to entertain others. So I was in a good yet weird place for......

    .....Mikel kHill a.k.a The Sub-Mariner. There is an anger in his rhymes that he really wants to totally unleash but somehow he manages to rein it in to keep the audience calm and bouncing. The passion is right there for all to see along with the creativity. He is this group's Nas in terms of phase innovation and when the breakout happens, no one will be safe & secure with the hip-hop they've always known.  

  Coming up with the bases loaded and the crowd pumped was Adam WarRock a.k.a Doctor Strange. The glue that keeps these spirits all together on stage and a Daryll B. favorite for a long time now (my eternal thanks to Comics Alliance for putting my onto him 18+ months ago!), he simply blazed the stage. WarRock's their RZA, constantly interweaving through the acts with an infectious energy, then hitting the crowd upside the head during his set with rhymes about life, comics, and science fiction.

    But for every reaction there must be a counter.... and for this group of "No Friends", it was the headliner for the evening, Schaffer The Darklord a.k.a STD a.k.a The Dread Dormanuu. His style is neurotic, sarcastic, mean, yet disturbingly enthralling. I'm big on energy during performances from musicians (as if you folks haven't realized THAT by now...), and STD had it in spades. Outside of Eminem at times, I don't know of too many mainstream rappers with a constantly self deprecating style that goes over with the audience but this was truly unique and that fits STD to a tee.

  A lot to plug with little time to do it:

  Mikal kHill and No Friends artists can be found at

thethoughtcriminals.net and thethoughtcriminals.bandcamp.com in various collabs...

  Adam WarRock is found at adamwarrock.com

  Tribe-One can be found at tribeone.net

  Jesse Dangerously can be found at http://dangerously.bandcamp.com/

  Schaffer The Darklord can be found at http://schafferthedarklord.com/

  Guys, I LOVED THIS. Try them out folks on their sites/youtube and you'll see right away why.

  Link-Blog time!

  -Ron Marz tells his side of the recent "Operation Troll Trap" and once again it has led to heavy debate on the CBR forum side about how far is too far...  


  Again, criticism..cool. Personal threats/derision/attacks... not cool.

  -Ok I have praised Hannibal Tatu of Komplicated.com and his Buy Pile review column here in the past but the last 2 weeks, he has been on fire. Two weeks ago, here was his take on the Storm/Black Panther fight in AvX:

  Skip past Hawkeye vs. Angel in "AvX: Vs." #5. Doesn't matter. You wanna skip to the part where the Black guy takes a swing at his wife and she tells him he was always a "terrible husband" and she just noticed. Yeah, that's where you wanna go ... if by "go" you mean "drop this comic book and run as rapidly as you can away from it." For all the high profile work done to make the Black Panther/Storm relationship, from hiring a high profile romance novelist to make their "love story" work for the civilians to the honeymoon tour around the 616, this issue instead decides to piss on all of that based on an argument that neither one of these people will actually be affected in any remote way whatsoever. Should we mention that Marvel has not had a Black writer on staff in ... what's August 2009? Three years without an incident of Black writers! Yay! Let's just move on…

  and here was his one last week on Green Lantern #0:

  "Green Lantern" #0 was, essentially, a negative mark on our beloved art form, a collection of cliches and half-hearted overtures that will forever be characterized as a clerical error. The creators seem to be oblivious to the fact that this paints an underrepresented people in a bad light, a community that doesn't have lots of chances to be on panel and when they do, their pull quote is "I'm a car thief, not a terrorist." We are all diminished by this.

  Bravo Mr. Tatu... Bravo!

  -Oh AfroNerd is going to love this:


  Gina Torres! Line One... Boy do I have a doozy of a role for you.....

  -Finally, David Brothers opens my eyes to new talent:


  The article's first sentence says it all: "What do Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Ronald Reagan's '80s, city life, and black culture have in common?" Ok I am sold and have to find this book now....

Thanks for reading all and I'm going right back to jamming these guys on my ipod. Amazing talent and music. Until next week, "Keep Fantasizing".

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