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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Listen to the Latest Afronerd Radio Mid Week in Review Broadcast! Ryan's Black Ex Girlfriend; Akins' Comments & Skip Bayliss Roots For the "White Guy" & Much More!

It's time for our Mid Week in Review broadcast, folks! Join Dburt and Captain Kirk this Wednesday as they bring their special brand (conservative/independent) of analysis to the following topical concerns: ESPN sports analyst, Skip Bayliss' alleged controversial remarks regarding White fans rooting for a Caucasian backup QB versus African-American RGIII due to tribalism; a recent article from The Root posits whether or not VP Republican candidate, Paul Ryan is racist due to him having a Black girlfriend in his past; Dburt took a peek at BBC America's latest cinematic TV effort, Copper and he liked it; just what is the deal with Missouri congressman, Todd Akin's rape/abortion comments and lastly, if time permits, the team will address some leftover topics that were left on the virtual "dinner table" from this past Sunday's show. See you all at 7pm sharp! Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast starts at 7pm! Don't Miss It!

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