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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Don't Miss the Comic Shoppe Airing at 6pm (Check Daryll B.'s Blog Post, Below) & Author/Journalist, Norman Kelley Stops By Afronerd @ 7pm EST!

This Sunday's Afronerd Radio broadcast promises to be equally provocative and informative when we welcome noted author, journalist and former Pacifica radio producer, Norman Kelley to the show. Mr. Kelley has written a number of books covering a myriad of subjects (music, politics, the american workforce) and genres (fiction, non-fiction, etc) and on Sunday, August 5th at 7pm, he will share his thoughts on the current state of Black popular music, politics and culture. AGAIN folks, don't forget to mark your calendars as this is not the show to miss! Oh and as a caveat, The Comic Shoppe show featuring Captain Kirk, Daryll B and Dburt airs as a "prologue" at 6pm, covering the latest in fantasy, comics, video gaming and sci-fi news.

The Comic Shoppe Airs at 6pm EST & Afronerd Radio Interview with Author/Journalist, Norman Kelley at 7pm! Don't Miss It!

And speaking of Daryll B, check out his latest blog entry:

Howdy once again readers, I'm back with another blog of links and fantasy / science fiction thoughts. Hopefully I don't lose you all with this along the way: -OK I have avoided blogging about "Marvel NOW" because of quite a few reasons, foremost of which is that if I really told you how I felt, I would be banned from the internet for indecency. However, how do you think Iron Man diehard fans reacted when they saw:


That's right metalheads. You get rising star Kieron Gillen as your "reboot" writer but you are now saddled with GREG LAND as your artist. We'll see soon enough if it is the writing or the art that will keep people on a book....

-Why do I love Kelly Thompson articles for CSBG? Well they often lead to interesting places of thinking. Like:


Now, I had the original article link highlighted in my blog prior about this unnamed artist and the situation. However I never thought to go with the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page comparisons along with how we view modern beauty. It certainly makes one think.... Saying this, I can't wait for Zephyr to make her reappearance in Harbinger....



Even if you disagree with what his quote's theme is, you cannot deny that comics are guilty of this time and time again....

-Following my "feminist" theme, Women Write About Comics have a great interview with former DC editor Janelle Asselin:


The interview may be brief, but it is certainly provides a counter to a lot of uninformed thoughts out there about women in and out of the industry....

-Chris Sims forces us to think back to when times were good:


Yeah, we all hate Liefield now but I know that at the time, his books were flying off the shelves.

-Ok Marvel.... W?T?F?


So far Disney/Marvel, I have seen a lot of talk in terms of TV but nothing to show for it. And now you seriously want to dilute the movie franchise here? What kind of clown is handling this for the company? I thought the one sure thing that was going to come out of Disney buying Marvel was a better presence / product on television?

-Finally, 4th Letter's Gavok comes to you with a thought/theory about Dark Knight Rises that is truly unique:


Do I agree with this? Nope, but there is no denying that Gavok really put his mind to work here. Which leads to the one question that this article sparked in my mind: "What makes the definitive "superhero villain" in a movie?" We all have traits we look for in our villains. Some want them to be the exact opposite of the hero... others want the villain to be exactly like the hero, with one defining moment that separates them from the hero.

This is one of the many reasons that it is hard to put all of these movies in one genre box. Villains, like heroes, should be diverse in their reasoning, actions, and intelligence. The one thing we at the Comic Shoppe have always encouraged in our listeners is to think for themselves and I guess that's the defining trait I want in my villains: intelligence. That's why I always valued Doctor Octopus over a Norman Osborn; a Brainiac over Lex Luthor; Doctor Doom over well, pretty much most of the Marvel Villains. Anyone can rely on their brawn but the ability to keep aa hero on his toes by brainpower alone? I can watch that all day....

I guess that's it for me this week. Until next week faithful readers, I'll be addicted to watching the Olympics and you Keep Fantasizing!

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