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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Double Your Pleasure, Double the Fun! The Comic Shoppe Begins @6pm & Afronerd Radio Airs @7pm: The Shoppe Will Discuss All Things Pulp & Afronerd Interviews Author, Norman Kelley (Pt.2)

Stay tuned for our ever popular (and consistent) Sunday Double Feature broadcast with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting relief at 7pm. Of course, The Shoppe will continue to focus on the weekly goings on in the world of pulp, pop and sci fi but don't forget to check out Afronerd for the second half when we bring back noted author, journalist and former WBAI radio producer, Norman Kelley to discuss some of his past literary efforts (Head Negro in Charge Syndrome and Rhythm and Business) as well as his thoughts on today's current event topics. Again, folks...this is not the show to miss. Mark your calendars!

Afronerd Radio's "Doublemint" Week in Review broadcast w/Author, Norman Kelley Airs starts at 6pm! Don't Miss It!

And last but not least, let's take a gander at Daryll B.'s latest blog entry:

Good Day Readers of Fantasy and Science Fiction! Once again I am back with the interesting news in and around my side of the internet that will be sure to get you all thinking. First up is a moment of silence for a great legend and personal hero of mine: Joe Kubert  


  There is no denying the influence and lasting legacy that Mr. Kubert has had on the industry. Chances are if you have read a 'new' comic book or graphic novel in the past 25 years, someone who put that book together was influenced by this awesome man. For further proof of his awesomeness, look at this video that Comics Alliance put up with him and the late, great Moebius both doing their thing:  


  Damn. Both gone waaaaaaaaay too soon for my liking this year....

  -Yes it is time for the insanity to begin again.....


  After the whole "Real World: Metropolis" skit a few seasons back, Seth Green gets a whole show to skewer the DC Universe. O-oh....

-I seem to remember us at The Comic Shoppe telling you this possibility:  


  It refreshing to see that JGL is hyped to take on the role again although I still don't know why he couldn't be Richard Grayson or Tim Drake... If it was ok for Frank Miller and various "hardcore" Bat-writers, why not Christopher Nolan? Ah egos... always frustrating...

  -Two stories are up next with examine our loyalty/devotion as fans. First up, Graeme McMilian examines how much he reads when craving for a universe like Star Wars or Star Trek...  


  Personally, I read a lot of novels affliated with fictional universes from other sections of the genre. For stuff like Star Wars, the novels actually become more engrossing than the movies with their complexity to an uber geek like me. But it is definitely a double edged sword because when eventually the powers than be release movies based on the books, I can't help to compare and criticize material that is left out/changed to accomodate the movie. (See the "episodes 1-3" and Jar Jar Binks for that...)

  -Next up, Sonia Harris over at CSBG examines the eternal question of why we read what we read...  


  I won't lie to you all. With all the stupidity (my opinion of course..) happening over at Marvel and DC I have dropped a lot of books from my purchase list. I still read a lot of them so I can be informative for the show but my passion for a lot of the characters has waned. Will it return? Who knows.... but this is why I have always told folks to buy out of what will make you happy after multiple readings and not to "support" the company. After all, when was the last time a comic company supported you?

  -David Brothers once again ventures into the waters of Kickstarter and previous debates he has had with creators over its function/viability:  

http://4thletter.net/2012/08/on-kickstarter-suffering-for-art-and-helping-out/   No matter what you think of system, there is no denying that it is yet another avenue for creators to get their stuff out there. Think you have a quality and profitable idea? Well no longer can you say "I can't do it because THEY shut me out.." The days of sitting on the outside looking in sulking are over my friends....



You think someone would have gone to the creator BEFORE releasing the promotion right? Idiots!

  -Last up, Chris Sims gives an insightful query/theory as to .... well the title says it all here...


I can see his point about the interactivity and feel of video games and how they clash with his entertainment experience in total....

One last thing, I think I have found my Chappelle Show / Chocolate News / Chris Rock Show replacement in Totally Biased on FX. The host, W. Kamau Bell, is a Chris Rock protege' but has his own unique approach to skewering the news. I recommend it because it will make you think.

Next week Marvel Movie News but until then Faithful Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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