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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sorry, Folks! Afronerd Radio's Wednesday's Mid Week in Review Broadcast Has Been Preempted! We'll Be Back 2 Business on Sunday! In The Interim, Check Out The '39 World Series-The Yankees!

Unfortunately folks due to time constraints Afronerd Radio's Wednesday broadcast has been cancelled but we will be returning in all our glory this Sunday with our 2-for-1 special-The Comic Shoppe at 6pm and Afronerd "pitching relief" at 7pm. And speaking of baseball metaphors, per a quick peruse of the Huffington Post, it appears that rare color film has been unearthed of the 1939 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds. The picture quality is beautiful, serving as an excellent historical record of the fashion (and Yankees win) of the day. If only I had a flux capacitor....but just like the speech that was given to Will Smith in the latest Men in Black series-that might not be a good idea. Oh and one more thing....check out the classics vs the quasi-new school. Legendary song stylist and fashionista, Grace Jones (at 64, mind you) killed it for the Queen and yet, Ashanti (hey, don't kill the messenger) at half Ms. Jones' age, is just as sloppy as all get out! Courtesy to Sergio of Shadow and Act for hipping me to this video:

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