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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mid Week in Review Broadcast This Wed, Courtesy of Afronerd Radio-Issues: June is Black Music Month; Same Sex vs Black Agendas; Gov Ventura Says Dems vs Repubs = Bloods vs Crips; Males Sue Black Sorority & More!

Isn't it amazing how these days and weeks move along at such a lightning pace? Well, we're back for another round of edutainment courtesy of Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Feel free to join in on the conversation "live" at 646-915-9620 when we will be extrapolating the following issues: picking up where we left off from the last show, we attempt to answer the question regarding which agenda appears to be gaining more ground-Gay folks versus African-Americans in the realm of political access; our thoughts on the future of music while we are in the midst of June being Black Music Month; former Governor and famed wrestler/actor, Jesse Ventura during a recent interview, likened the current political party stalemate to American gang warfare and lastly, a growing controversy appears to be taking hold with a group of gay men who are suing the historical Black sorority known as the Alpha Kappa Alphas (AKAs) in an effort to join the female organization (?)....wow. AGAIN, join us Wednesday at 7pm sharp!

It's Our Mid Week in Review Show! Tune in to Afronerd Radio Wednesday at 7pm!

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