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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We're Back in Full Effect 4 Wed's Mid Week Edition! 7pm ET-Discussing Black Patriotism w/911; Stanley Crouch Kicks it HARD!!; Plaxico's Eli Problem

Our apologies to our audience but we didn't want to submit a substandard broadcast on the anniversary of the September 11th NYC attacks, so we decided to take a "chill pill." But not to further disappoint, join Captain Kirk and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm for Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast when they discuss these following current event laced issues: former NY Giant and recent parolee, Plaxico Burress speaks out about not getting a prison visit from teammate Eli Manning; jazz critic and NY Daily News columnist, Stanley Crouch writes a scathing (but extremely accurate) piece on who he perceives has taken the place of the Klan pertaining to the terrorizing of POC; Dburt and The Captain briefly analyze the concept of Black patriotism in the Americas and how this might affect how some in African-American community view the anniversary of 911; after 50 years, the White House archives have released some intimate interview tapes made by the late Jackie Kennedy-tapes that have some rather disparaging words toward Dr. Martin Luther King; the US poverty rate skyrockets with people of color stuck in the the thick of it and if time permits, were the GOP debates too harsh toward a hypothetical uninsured American...case in point:

Again, join our team Wednesday evening and call us live at 646-915-9620....Don't be scared, the conservative (and sometimes independent) water is warm..


Griya Mobil Kita said...

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Qstorm said...

Just finished listening to this show and I gotta get at you a little, Afronerd!

You make the point that in regards to my perspective that the women in the parade were disrespecting themselves, I know you conceded that I might have a point, but you went on to say that this was in our culture, or something to that effect. If that's the case, then you should just close shop right now, and give up on your Cosby-like quest (which I'm steadily getting on board with), and acknowledge that the black community is truly lost, it's a wrap, cuz if women shoving asses in men's crotches is in our culture, we are truly lost and have lost respect for ourselves and cannot demand respect from others. We can't talk about Raekwon and Jayquon acting like fools, and disrespecting themselves in the hood and give this behavior a pass. You'd think we'd be sensitive to how our women were treated as massah's love slaves (had to go there) and that these images would be appalling cuz it might indicate our women have been programmed to shove their asses in men's crotches, white OR black. Is this any different from women who have no problem being referred to as bitches and hoes in our music, women who dress like skanks, degrade themselves in rap videos, what have you? What part of the 'culture' is that? Certainly not the part of the culture you discussed that produced W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson, the Civil Rights era, the Harlem renaissance, black graduates from Harvard, all things that you justly have pointed out. No, this is the culture that produced those 70 gunshots and 5 fatalities during the parade. And I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with our culture, unless self-hatred, degradation and foolishness is now a part of our culture. And in regards to these actions perhaps serving to inculcate the police into the community, here's a thought...how about shaking their hand, giving them dap, giving them a hug and a peck on the cheek? Now, in a normal universe, I might think the hug and peck would be far too intimate to do to a stranger, but hell, when compared to the bump and grind, all standards of intimacy go right out the window! You know that famous timeless photo post-WWII of the sailor in the NY parade who kisses a woman in the middle of the street? Strangers getting caught up in a joyful moment, timeless and classy. How does THIS play compared to that??

Qstorm said...

One other issue where I find myself disagreeing with you...I'm shocked to realize that I fall on the hard right on the Ron Paul/insurance issue. Blitzer's question posited a scenario where a healthy 30 year old WITH A GOOD JOB (implying to me at least that he could afford insurance) opts not to buy it. Then he falls ill. Who pays?

Am I missing something? Where does personal responsibility come into play? I have no problem providing welfare to those who need it as long as they are working to improve their circumstances so they can get off it. Here's a guy who can afford it but foolishly chooses not to buy it and then you, me, Capt. Kirk and the rest of the taxpaying pubic is supposed to pay??? I don't want the guy to die and yes, it was in bad taste to scream "YEAH!" from the audience, but and some point, we have to say, 'you make your bed, you lie in it.' If I were a practitioner of macabre humor, I'd add, 'you die in it.' If I put a gun to my head with one bullet cuz I want to engage in a nice little game of Russian roulette, and I take the gamble and blow my brains out, well...duh...I don't agree with letting the poverty-stricken uninsured die ( I don't like the idea of ANYONE dying if it can be avoided), but the foolishly and recklessly uninsured? I really can't call that one. IF we don't want a welfare state, which is a credo of the conservative perspective, then this is a litmus test right here. And I agree with Paul.

Having said all that, it was a great show. Plaxico Burress is an idiot. Put it like this, Capt. Kirk made the point that Manning didn't owe Burress anything, they were just working partners. Damn that, even if he was my man OFF the field, I ain't trying to visit his simple ass in prison!!! And Plaxico needs to shut up, sit down and think, "My stupid ass doesn't DESERVE to have any visitors!" Watch ANY mafia movie, they say, do your time like a man and keep your mouth shut. He sounds like a little bitch.

To quote the great Capt., that's all I have to say. Over to you, sir Afronerd.