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Monday, September 05, 2011

The Comic Shoppe Opens Post Irene at 7pm Tues-Review of DCnu JLA #1; Expectations for NY Comic Con; A Moment in History-A Marvel Owned Supes & More!

Just as was the case with Hurricane Irene and Afronerd Radio, The Comic Shoppe was preempted due to the infamous storm last week. But we have passed the storm (at least this particular one) and we'll be open for broadcasting, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk live at thecomicshoppe.com (call in# is 646-915-9620) as they discuss this week's comic book and/or sci-fi themed topics: our thoughts on the first DCnu release last week-Justice League #1; NYC's Comic Con is coming up next month and the team will discuss their expectations; according to controversial former Marvel editor-in-chief, Jim Shooter, there was a serious chance that in 1984, Marvel was on the verge of buying DC comics; and speaking of the DCnu what is the chance of Marvel opting for a widespread reboot?; more media coverage regarding the filming of Avengers in NYC; our review of the DC's Flashpoint ending as well as Marvel's current Fear Itself story line and lastly our favorite picks from last week's graphic novel releases. As always, we look forward toward the pulp flavored discourse!

And here's the latest blog entry from The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B:

Howdy AfroNerd Readers... before I get to a serious (for me) set of quick links, let me try to explain to you all what the announcement of Eureka's coming cancellation in 2012-13 feels like. Imagine that you have this ice cream shop that's just awesome. You been telling your friends for years to come and try these blends. You FINALLY convinced them to go with you to the shop and in your glee when you get there, you see that it's going out of business in a month AND they are going to demolish the building. Yeahhhhh THAT'S what Eureka's news did to me 3 weeks ago after I did that article in happiness about the joint SyFy Universe...

Quick Links:

1) I made DBurt a happy man with this link (hoax or not, this just sounds cool!):


Then I tortured him with the fact that this took place under his nose in New York 2 weeks ago:


(Do those Gamer Gals look hot or what? Manga cats..wooooo)

2) I don't know whether to laugh at the irony of this or not?:


"Fight the power...while lining the power's pockets with our money!"

3) David Brothers once again takes an article and comes at it in a way that forces his readers to respond. This time it is an article from Rolling Stone about Grant Morrison:


You'll see my response in the comments section and I stand by it. Fans of other writers / artists can admit when their favs have strayed a bit... Some of Morrison's followers are like brainwashed into thinking every effort of his is gold...

4) Robot 6 does an article / interview round-up about the "52 Re-Whatever" invasion by DC which kicks off Wednesday with Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1:


I still maintain that there are only 2 books I am sure to get: Legion of SuperHeroes and Legion Lost.... 3 that I will definitely keep an eye on: Static, Fury of Firestorm, and Nightwing.... Everything else, I am going to have to be bowled over by friends' responses to look into...

5) That being said, here's a moment that I'll miss in the new DC courtesy of Weekly Crisis:


Bye-Bye Super-Marriage....

6) The awesome artists at The Line is Drawn at CSBG did their own send off to the 'old' DC Universe:


Tell me those weren't awesome....

7) Want to know what I am like without the show keeping me in check? Check out Josh in this Comic Critics strip...


Yeah... DBurt has been present for a couple of these rants of mine.... You think I'm out of control on the radio? If we ever put a camcorder in Superhero Comics for one of my rants... I'd definitely be banned...

8) Finally Brian Cronin at CSBG has been tallying up his commenters top 10 Marvel and top 10 DC Characters lists:


So for giggles, here are the characters I sent in:

Ok it took me long enough to try and narrow these down to just 10 for both families.... Being a child of the 80's my list is heavily scewed in that direction with the DC character first....Marvel character 2nd for that place

1 Nightwing - The ultimate kid dream of learning under a superhero then becoming a strong one in your own right

Spider-Man - The ultimate reality of having that kid dream without the guidance and learning the hard way about the cost

2 Cyborg - Purely personal as he was the first true "brother" that was written well I saw in comics

Captain America - The Living Legend who didn't sound like a hypocrite

3 Legion of SuperHeroes - Teenage Super Heroes in the future....Writes itself....

Nightcrawler - One of the easiest characters to fall in love with because of his faith, honor, and attitude

4 Changeling - (I HATE the Beast Boy b.s) Gar Logan is simply fun and the Terra storyline for me was heartbreaking

Magneto - Overuse aside, still one of the most compelling HYPOCRITES in comics

5 Deathstroke The Terminator - Bad A$$

Taskmaster - Bad A$$ pt 2

6 Wally West - The same thing I said about Dick above, Wally just took a longer time to get there

Cannonball - Always been my touchstone character within the X-Family since his introduction

7 John Henry Irons - The PREMIERE example of a honorable character in comics since he was introduced

Firestar - Other folks *love* Jean Grey in the X Universe, my crush has always been Angelica... Blame Spidey and his Amazing Friends

8 Deadshot - Always been cool to me and Secret Six only made today's fans realize what I already knew in the 80s-90s

Iceman - Loads of potential...loads of misuse by creators but Bobby ALWAYS has fun......

9 Static - Virgil Hawkins is an endearing character with a street edge..the 'realistic' Spider-Man

Falcon - The conscience of the Marvel Universe in my eyes...WWFD Proof? Look at the Death of Captain America storyline

10 Donna Troy - Others may hate but Donna was mom, sis, friend, and un-requieted love of the Titans at the time my insane mind was being formed

Quasar - Wendall Vaughn went from a nobody in my eyes to a kicka$$, fun loving adventurer through his book and time in the Avengers. And this was BEFORE DnA's cosmic run....

That's it for me this week AfroNerd Readers. Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

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