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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's That Time, Folks! 7pm ET-Our Week in Review Show-Topics: E=MC2 Might Be Wrong; Troy Davis Executed; UC Berkeley's Racist Bake Sale & More!

Good Evening, loyal readers/listeners, it's time for Afronerd Radio, broadcasting tonight at 7pm eastern. Feel free to call in with your thoughts and/or questions "live" at afronerdradio.com by dialing 646-915-9620 or you can participate via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. OK, the topics up for discussion this evening are as follows: Euro scientists appear to have discovered that particles can travel beyond the speed of light, therefore debunking Einstein's belief that light speed was maximum unit an object can travel; our thoughts on the Troy Davis execution; a recent bake sale by U.C. Berkeley College Republicans may or may not be racist; blogging may not be the healthiest pastime due to recent mass killings occurring in Mexico for those who choose to "out" drug cartel info and lastly, President Obama speaks to the Black Caucus asking for their help if he is to succeed with his jobs bill (and by extension a seek a second term)...whew! Don't be "scurrred" folks, the conservative (and oftentimes independent) water is warm! And speaking of the POTUS...here's a clip of President Obama's speech to the National Black Caucus:

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