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Monday, September 26, 2011

At 7pm 2Morrow The Comic Shoppe Re-Opens-Call us Live-Topics: More DC-52 Talk; Catwoman's Costume; Return of JLA Animated? & More!

Once again, the water is a balmy 73 degrees and since Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk isn't scheduled to air until Wednesday, the cost is clear to dip in on tomorrow's airing of The Comic Shoppe! Call us live at 646-915-9620 or drop us a line via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. The pulp flavored discussion will encompass the following: our thoughts on the new TV season (i.e. Fringe, Fox's animation Domination, Big Bang Theory, etc); word has it that most of the original voice cast from the Timmverse (referencing animation producer, Bruce Timm for Justice League Unlimited) are returning for Justice League: Doom; photos hit the net of Anne Hathaway in the full Catwoman costume for Dark Knight Rises; our further impressions of DC's new books as more were released last week and of course, our favorite reading suggestions stemming from recent graphic novel releases. Unfortunately, last week's Comic shoppe broadcast was preempted but we still have words of wisdom from The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Ok. Hello once again AfroNerd Readers and without further delay, let's get into the Comic/Sci-Fi news from my side of the street:

1) Well the first main issue of Miles Morales' new life is out and as expected we had a lot of reaction from reviewers:


I can see where most of these reviews are coming from except... I said it before and it sounds like a broken record but to one reviewer on the page I'll state it one more time: This. Is. The. Ultimate. Universe. Not. The. 616 Universe. Peter Parker is DEAD here. Let it go...

2) Going back to a point from our show 2 weeks ago. This article lays out my point about Justice League #1 better than I conveyed on air:


I mean, when STORMWATCH of all books does a better job introducing their characters than the "flagship" book....?

3) And to think I got mad at Batgirl and Harley Quinn being retconned:


A slim, sexy Waller? Seems to be a crime against nature.... Now I am pissed that they patterned Amanda Waller after Angela Bassett in Green Lantern instead of after Pam Grier in Smallville (One of the few things the final 2 seasons actually got RIGHT!)

5) Speaking of developments with the new DC:


So John Rozum is off Static Shock and Mister Terrific has got 3 different artists for the first 4 books. Sheesh.... and our first 2 books to be cancelled are...

6) On our main topic last week, Robot 6 provides interesting opinions:


I STILL hate spoilers though. I am a mystery, story development type and to know what happens BEFORE it actually happens, screws up my pleasure immensely.

7) I... I just have no words for this:


I mean I know this is coming from a good place but I also know segments of my fellow comic book fans. This seems like sensationalism on the surface and I truly hope J.T. Krul gives this new hero "Bunker" depth. Or else get ready for criticism not only from the Gay Community but the Mexican Community as well.

8) Here's a little fun with video:


Clark Gregg is certainly having fun with his 15 minutes of fame from the movies isn't he?

9) About time DC:


I can see this series being in the vein of Tales From The Crypt if done right or Dresden Files in the least. C'mon DC make this work.....

10) More fun with video as a reviewer considers how Thor could have been 'changed' with the inclusions of its deleted scenes:


I'm a glutton for punishment but if ALL were included, I don't think the movie would have suffered. And how sweet was that Warriors Three cut scene?

11) Finally Scott Beatty does some self analysis on his writing comic inspirations:


I've read some of these and I think after seeing that New Teen Titans scene between Wally and Vic, you folks can better understand my rage at having their backstories changed so that this story is now irrelevant.

*Sigh* It's that time Folks. Tonight is the season finale for both Eureka and Warehouse 13. Next Week it is Alphas' turn. (By the way, how great was that Brett Spiner episode last week?) My Sci-Fi Television gets moved out of the way for ....damn I wonder what's next for SyFy? In that vein, major props to Chiller Network for doing Sanctuary Mini-Marathons to get my engines primed for its return in October. Hopefully the show returns to previous form.

Thanks for reading once again AfroNerd Readers and until next time: Keep Fantasizing!!!!

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