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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday's Afronerd Radio Did Air (Check The Archives) & The Comic Shoppe Opens Tues @7pm: Spike Lee's Old Boy, Iron Fist News, A Black Spidey? & More!

Keeping it simple and succinct! Join The Comic Shoppe team, tomorrow at 7pm eastern-Capt. Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt as they discuss the following pop/pulp culture issues: speculation on who might don the Spider tights in the Ultimate universe....perhaps a man of color?; filmmaker, Spike Lee has 2 BIG surprises-Do The Right Thing 2..sort of and helming the American version of Old Boy; addressing last week's topic of our most personal desirable comic book/fantasy collectibles; Marvel's Iron Fist may be the next big thing; predictions for Marvel's Reborn series and lastly our favorite comic book reads from the previous week. Call in live at 646-915-9620 or contact us via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. hey and there's always twitter-http://www.twitter.com/comicshoppe.

Oh and least we forget, here is the lasting blog posting wisdom from the Shoppe's own Daryll B.

Hello AfroNerd Readers, due to me getting caught up in the USA - Brazil Women's World Cup Match and the Derek Jeter craziness over the weekend, I really don't have much to get worked up / evil over. However I did find 6 articles that I would encourage you to read... but first:

Adam WarRock....New Warriors EP...Free Download.... Thank you Comics Alliance!


1) I totally forgot about the Batman Year One Animated Movie coming out... Here's the first trailer, courtesy of the aforementioned Comics Alliance:


And word is through the grapevine, Catwoman is going to get a "Green Arrow" style short to accompany the main movie. DC may not have their live action stuff cohesive but in terms of DVD Animation, few on this side of the world can match them....

2) Recently, we went on about apparent editorial censorship in regards to Superman #712. Well Mark Waid recounts one of the most famous instances of such deeds at Comic Book Resources. Ironically, both squashed stories were replaced by a Kurt Busiek story involving a dog....


I LOVED this run by Waid on Captain America and am glad that the original Red Skull story is finally going to see print, along with the rest of the uncollected material. (Skrull Invasion done right, and Nightmare Snitches!!!!)

3) I have learned as an amateur blogger on ESPN, Yahoo, and here for the last 3 years this one thing: you never 100% know what stories or topics will blow up your comments section. Well, I kind of knew this topic would blow up the Comics Should Be Good comments....


EVERY comic book fan hates to have a story end without a resolution or have a supposed "important" future plot thread never touched upon. Just go through the 374 comments, I guarantee that someone has a unresolved plot that pissed you off back in the day...

4) Did you catch Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz Friday Night? If not, and if you are a fan of the overall "Who-verse" I encourage you to seek it out. For those of you not familiar about the series, Spinoff Online got you covered with a primer:


In addition, Dollhouse Fans keep a close eye on it for a VERY familiar face coming up in the next episode. Speaking of Dollhouse, the very underrated Harry Lennix is joining Man of Steel:


...and one more movie tidbit, Ray Stevenson as Firefly in GI Joe 2:


5) Speaking of fun cameos, I wonder if SGU fans caught Eureka tonight and saw who was the Senator? Nice pick up and also Felicia Day is in episode 2 next week! And Smallville Fans who were worrying about a certain photographer, Aaron Ashmore joins the team...so you can get your Jimmy Olsen fix also...

They just had to put these and Alphas opposite Monday Night Raw.... Are TV folks trying to make me burn out my DVR or what???

6) Finally, this wouldn't be a Daryll B. blog without me singing the praises of the guys over at 4th Letter. First, David Brothers has not just 1 but 2 articles about Frank Miller and how he 'owns' Batman:



Gavok waves a bittersweet goodbye to his article series on his personal favorite character, Eddie Brock:


And special guest blogger Space Jawa, who I have blog/comment sparred with on a number of sites, gives us his insight on the "Death of Spider-Man" and I wholeheartedly agree with him...


Yeah, I think that's a lot of thought provoking reading for you fine folks. Next Week, prepare yourselves because I will be ready to give my insight on the past couple weeks of movies and news. Including this hot potato:


Yep. I am going to come up with a 10 point plan on how to get more people "into" comic books. Pray for my brain now! So until next week AfroNerd Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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