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Monday, July 25, 2011

Afronerd Radio Did Air This Sun (Check The Archives) & The Comic Shoppe Opens 2morrow 7pm-Discussing Cap America; Metas on Reg TV, Comic Con & More!

Let's just jump into it, shall we? Stop by The Comic Shoppe tomorrow at 7pm as Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt analyze the following pop culture phenomena: our analysis of this past Friday's release of Captain America: The First Avenger-did it live up to the hype?; a discussion of metas on television-have you noticed that a number of TV programs (and movies) that are not conventional fantasy shows have become reliant on certain characters possessing a type of talent or "super power" (case in point-USA's lawyer themed show, Suits); San Diego hosted its 41st annual Comic Con International event with 130K plus in attendance; Capcom does it again, a few months after the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, an Ultimate version is slated for release the fourth quarter of this year; Freddy Kreuger is coming to Mortal Kombat next week; in the wake of the independent comic book initiative, Womanthology, an all-female comics anthology with an all-star lineup of female creators, receiving substantial funding in 24 hours...the question remains-can a similar Black themed anthology be far behind? and lastly, our favorite graphic novel reading suggestions from the previous week. Call the gang live at 646-915-9620 or contact us via email or IM at-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Oops and least we forget, check out the immortal words of The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Good Day once again AfroNerd Readers and welcome to another edition of my ramblings. First on the agenda, San Diego Comic Con.... Here's a handy complete overview of the major news stories coming out of the event by Comics Alliance:


My highlight was the Marvel Media panel.... Plans for no less than 8 TV projects were unveiled including plans for a Mockingbird live action series and a new animated Hulk joint to accompany the live action series. Chi McBride voicing Nick Fury in Ultimate Spider-Man with J.K. Simmons returning to reprise his J. Jonah Jameson role. And Avengers EMH getting a second season with more guest heroes and a particularly MAJOR villain lined up....

My lowlight...well DC fans let me down again.....


All that talking before... All that outrage.... The hyping up of this protest across comics social media.... All this disappointment of what really happened... This is what I put in the comments section:

"And then comic fans wonder why companies don't take their complaints seriously? All of that bitching and vows to be noticed at CCI and THIS is the response.... Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh thanks DC 'angry fans' for showing your 'dedication...."

To those that went, I admire your passion. To the ones that talked big and no-showed.... well I have another word for you....

A happy anniversary for one of my favorite articles: Two Tivos To Paradise over at 411Mania. 250 TV News / DVD info columns for Al Norton and still going strong. For this celebration, he got some of his closest Hollywood friends on Facebook to answer 3 questions with interesting results....


This picture is SWEET!


Got to love Disney's use of superhero movies to help "promote" the Muppets one...

Speaking of superhero movies, maybe we were all a bit premature....


Captain America didn't quite beat Thor on its opening weekend but by far it has had stellar reviews. You know we'll take it apart on the next show, but I will say I gave it 3.75-4 out of 5 stars... and that's mainly because of how big a continuity freak I am. The one major problem outside of that is one it shared with Green Lantern: could we see some battle training AFTER Rogers gained the formula? By not showing that, the film gave the impression that ANYONE that takes the formula would be a world class fighter without work... The three major reasons I say go and see it:

1) Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull (Maybe the best comic movie villain this year...)

2) Chris Evans as Cap (THIS is how I pictured Cap when I would defend him against fellow reader who thought Cap was boring.)

3) The period piece was totally on point. (Where are those fools who said this type of movie wouldn't work for Wonder Woman? DC / Warner Bros. execs better just drive that truck of money up to Joe Johnston's door now and get him to direct WW)

Speaking of Wonder Woman, tell me this doesn't look sweet...


Sometimes I shake my head....but no worries. In 5 weeks everything's erased back to zero....except Batman will still have 3 ex partners..... and Superman will have no parents.... WW will have no official outfit... Sinestro is 2814's Green Lantern.... Cyborg will be a founding JLA member and who the heck is the JSA...? (Yeah, I still a little bitter...)

Flashpoint's core book has been good while the tie in's have mostly sucked and with Fear Itself it is the opposite..... It official, I am Comic Evented out.... I need to end this on a good note... Ah I got it...

Attack The Block! Keep an eye out for this one folks!


Cowboys and Aliens Friday...and I just saw a commercial for Another Earth and that also looks to be interesting. Next Week, I do a status report on the new sci-fi TV seasons up to now and realize that only 1 show of the crop hasn't lived up to my expectations..... No Spoilers here, you'll just have to wait until the next blog..... Until Then AfroNerd Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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