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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Listen 2 The Mid Week in Review Show, Courtesy of Afronerd Radio: More on the V-nasty N-word issue; The Debt Ceiling Debate; Norway Tragedy & More!

Afronerd with the emphasis on "featuring Captain Kirk" remains steadfast for tomorrow's Mid Week in Review broadcast airing at 7pm eastern, courtesy of Afronerdradio.com. Stop by and listen to our musings on the following current event related issues: out of deference to Captain Kirk, we will revisit a few topics that were discussed on Sunday's show (White female rapper, V-nasty's comfortable use of the N-word, Black men live longer/healthier in prison, $16 dollar TX home purchase) to hear The "Capitan" give his viewpoint; President Obama's speech concerning America potentially losing its AAA credit rating over the debt ceiling; reluctance of some to label the Norwegian massacre a Christian right wing extremist act; Dburt's "President Obama as Jackie Robinson" analysis and lastly Bill O'Reilly vs Chris Brown. Call in live with your comments, questions and protestations at-646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.


Count Da Money said...

What ever happened to the Tiger Mom interview Dburt

Qstorm said...

Just finished listening to your show about ghetto names. I have the Tyra show on in the background and there's a young woman named...wait for it...Shaquasia. The TV is on mute, but I assume it's pronounced 'shuh-QUAY-zha.' And Dburt, she looks like a Shaquasia (this goes to your rants where you admonish the sistahs to 'get into the gym!'). Listening to your show also brought to mind the wife of my best friend who got into a spat with her sister when my friend and his wife had their baby. The sister wanted my friend's wife to name the baby girl Shantalea...and my friends wife laughed in her face, saying she didn't want to give her daughter a name that would allow bullies to tease her by calling her 'Chandelier.'

I attribute this phenomenon of stupid names to the fact that we as a people are subconsciously trying to get back in touch with our disconnected roots by giving our children what we THINK are afrocentric names. Also, for some of us who are deprived, it's one outlet that we have to express some sort of creativity, by inventing these outrageous names, which aren't really creative but silly.

We should make a law that bans the following combination of letters for names in the black community: Sha, She, Ne, Qua, Quo, Kw, and in addition, under NO circumstances is punctuation allowed in ANY names such as the hyphen (-) and the apostrophe ('). That would take care of the matter.

By the way, just to keep you on the up and up, I used to live in New Jersey (by way of Baltimore, my birth home and Indianapolis, where I grew up) and my business address is still there, but I now live in Philadelphia, home of the flash mob and unruly cretinous fans.

John said...