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Monday, February 15, 2010

On A Rare Occasion One Has To Do A Sequel-Afronerd Radio Pt. 2-Sarah Palin & Black Students; Avatar=Tarzan 2010? Church Invaded by Thugs-7pm 2nite!

As expected, I put a bit too much on my plate yesterday, so we will be broadcasting an addendum/par deux Afronerd Radio show tonight at 7pm eastern. The topics to be discussed: a few more words on John Mayer; Sarah Palin's "professorial" pejorative remarks being aimed at President Obama; the connection between Palin and the decline in Black student enrollment in prestigious NYC school; gangbangers shoot two youths while they were attending a Richmond, CA church and finally why Avatar may be more about race and the retelling of Tarzan than technological advancement. It's part 2 special folks....join us by calling in with your comments and questions at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you soon.

Afronerd radio's Week in Review....Part 2

Oh, and don't forget about tomorrow's Comic Shoppe show....here's a preview:

Join Daryll, Max and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm eastern as they discuss the following: an analysis of the new Justice League-Crisis on Two Earths DVD; Valentine's Day (the movie) outshines The Wolfman-66.8m to 36.4m this past weekend; the return of the Green Hornet thanks to Matt Wagner and Kevin Smith, respectively; Are Captain America and Marvel Un-American? James Hudnell of Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood blog thinks so and if time permits, an analysis of our favorite graphic novel reads from the previous week. And speaking of the Justice League:

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