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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Afronerd Broadcast-Monday nite at 7pm eastern: Discussing Tiger's Apology; How The Media Treats Black History, Answering A Field Negro's ? & More!

Next week we will definitely be back on the regular Sunday schedule, but we will be broadcasting tomorrow (7pm ET) to discuss and analyze the following: Tiger Woods' public apology aired this past Friday (who was he really apologizing to and was it necessary?); how some media outlets (both Black and White) appear to be making parodies out of Black History Month as opposed to disseminating information and lastly, while perusing the cyber halls of the Field Negro blog last week, FN posed an open question to his White readers regarding yet another White college ghetto/minstrel themed frat party -here's an excerpt as it relates to his question:

So here is my question to white folks reading this: (Honest answer please)

When you see a black man in a Hickey Freeman suit, starched white shirt, wingtips, a very nice silk-tie, and a brief case walking down the street, are you thinking...well let me give you a quote from the flyer at UCSD:

"For guys: I expect all males to be rockin Jersey's, stuntin' up in ya White T (XXXL smallest size acceptable), anything FUBU, Ecko, Rockawear, High/low top Jordans or Dunks, Chains, Jorts, stunner shades, 59 50 hats, Tats, etc....We will be serving 40's, Kegs of Natty, dat Purple Drank- which consists of sugar, water, and the color purple , chicken, coolade, and of course Watermelon. So come one and come all, make ya self before we break ya self, keep strapped, get yo shine on, and join us for a day party to be remembered- or not..."

.....so is that what you are thinking when you see the black man in my hypothet? Is your imagery of black folks so messed up that this is the only way you can identify with something having to do with Black History Month?

So for tomorrow's show let's flesh out the question and answer and for a visual, check out where your higher education dollars are going:

And click on the link below for the Field Negro blog entry in its entirety:

Ain't no party like a Compton party....

Oh and one more thing, since it is BHM and this weekend marks the anniversary of Malcolm X's assassination, check out this rare interview unearthed by the good folks at WNYC Radio, circa 1960. As expected it's quite prescient pertaining to Black issues, circa 2010:

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