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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Team Justice vs Bizarro Team Justice: Discussing counter-protest efforts with Shane Johnson-Sunday's Afronerd Radio at 8pm eastern

Sharpton: 'No Justice, No peace' & No mention of internal BS like Dunbar Village

I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday break as much as I am. Well to top things off, we will be interviewing Mr. Shane Johnson of the Black Sapience blog who gained recent notoriety for initiating what has been dubbed a counter-protest against members of the Civil Rights elite. To many it would appear that some African-American leaders are not addressing intraracial crimes with same intensity as interracial transgressions. So drop by at the same Afronerd channel (afronerd radio dot com) and the same Afronerd Radio time (Sunday, 8pm eastern) to add your 2 cents to this conversation. Drop us a call "live" at 646-915-9620. And as an added Thanksgiving treat, let's take a walk through memory lane and check out one of Sharpton's classic hits:

I kid....I kid. It was definitely in poor taste for CORE's Roy Innis to actually push Reverend Sharpton (in this infamous clip from the Mort Downey show) over ideological differences but perhaps it can be viewed as the early stages of diverging political viewpoints coming to a boil in the present-not all Black folk are on the same ideological page. To take a page from fellow conservative blogger Cobb, it's time to fight the monolith.

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