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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Question Really is what are YOU going to do about Black on Black crime BLACK People? CNN/Youtube debates

A quick hat tip to NPR's News & Views blog for the above clip. By just doing a cursory review of what's being said about this particular portion of the Republican debates-one can find a number of progressive bloggers/commenters incensed over Governor Romney's response. I suspect invoking Cosby didn't endear himself to the Black victimization set either. What bothered me the most was not Romney's response but the question. How is one to answer a question that has an internal behavioral element attached to it? The question is analogous to a stranded person having a flat tire with a spare and a jack in his/her possession and then asking a passerby how are we going to get this tire fixed? Again, we understand structural socio-economic hindrances but let's use the late Sean Taylor as an example. Taylor was given money, opportunity and access(or is it excess) and he was still killed in the same manner as a poorer counterpart-except his demise took place in a mansion and not a street corner. If I were Romney (responding to Black people regarding a Black problem) I would have done what Jerome Benton has been doing for Morris Day for the last twenty plus years...hold up that mirror:

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