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Monday, November 26, 2007

DOH! How did I forget this gentleman.....Introducing Leland Martin

Another hat tip.....actually a belated hat tip to fellow conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel for highlighting the achievements of scholar/athlete/astronaut Leland Martin thanks to her recent blog entry. Do me a favor and check out two of her entries-one on Mr. Martin and the other (once you scroll down) is a review of the new movie, This Christmas. I'm curious to see what our readers think about her spot on review of this latest celluloid effort. Is it truly a positive film portraying a slice of Black life? Or is it doling out the same tired stereotypes? Tell us what you think.

Debbie Does the Movies

And let's also take a look at the latest review of last week's comics from the guys over at Pulp Secret:

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