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Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Update regarding 2 forthcoming interviews (God willing) and why

I think that it would be apropos during this holiday to give thanks for simply living a relatively stress free existence. Sure, many of us experience the usual daily trials and tribulations but there are a whole group of citizens whose lives have been ravaged by being in close proximity to crime and gang warfare. As I alluded to previously, I am working on an interview with Claude Johnson of the Black Fives website but I am also attempting to converse with Shane Johnson of the Black Sapience blog. Mr. (Shane) Johnson recently garnered media attention due to his counter protest efforts against Team Outrage's (Reverend Sharpton, specifically) focus on the rise of racial incidents ignoring the intraracial violence that plagues communities of color. I would like for you to take a look at exhibit A, the video posted above. I believe I addressed this in an earlier post as well but this video is so heart-wrenching that I thought it is worthy of an analysis. In a nutshell-any new civil rights movement should center around the issues of Black or Black/Brown internal strife. I refuse to make a distinction with the gang violence that is occurring between Latin and Black rivals because realistically there has been enough human collateral damage amongst African-American gangs that the Latin equation is inconsequential. So I support Shane's endeavors in this regard and it becomes even more crucial that despite our differences, bloggers must develop liaisons to address this internal dysfunctionalism. Stay tuned.

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