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Sunday, May 06, 2007

THIS is How Hip Hop should have progressed!

I guess I'm going to be repeating this throughout the existence of this blog-here at Afronerd, we are not haters of hip hop culture. We are haters of the bastardization and commercialization (and other zations one can think of) that has prevented the public from getting the various facets of the culture. Thankfully, Rev. Al Sharpton recently had a march in downtown Manhattan, in front of some major corporate headquarters (Time-Warner, Sony, etc) as a call to bring back decency in the morally bankrupt artform. I am also an aficionado of many different types of music-Jazz, Rock, Funk-you name it, I'm a fan. But one mustn't forget that Jazz came from less than auspicious beginnings-it flourished in the whorehouses of Storyville, New Orleans during the early part of the 20th century.

Even Duke Ellington's music was often touted as having "jungle rhythms." Now, of course, Jazz is America's classical music, admired by many and played before royalty. But one must ask-when does hip hop move forward and class up? I want you guys to take a look at some futuristic breakdancing courtesy of Youtube.

Unfortunately, Al Sharpton is going to have a problem on his hands, if what I have heard on local radio serves as a glimmer of public sentiment. Quite a few callers were saying that the current rap scene was "authentic" and that Sharpton's crusade amounts to censorship. What I would say in response is-Isn't conscious and positive hip hop being currently censored? Of course that dynamic is being left out of the equation during these townhall-like programs. Anyway, stay tuned for a listing of companies that are currently investing in the current minstrel hop genre, which will be a permanent fixture on our site. Now is the time to contact these companies and put them to task for the current one-sidedness that hip hop presently demonstrates. In the interim, take a look at the above videos which highlight a missing element in current mainstream hip hop-breakdancing. But this breakdancing is far more extreme than the artform that I remember the Rock Steady Crew peforming. Unfortunately, this serves as another example of hip hop progress but very little exposure. Hip Hop is supposed to be better than this....what happened? Share your thoughts.

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