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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Okay....We have ample time........Kenneth Eng needs to be monitored!

First, I'm afraid that we will have to cancel tomorrow's radio show but we'll be back this Thursday at 9pm. Now back to matters at hand, many of you may be familiar with Mr. Eng through his racist column "Why I Hate Blacks," which caused him to be ousted from his gig with Asianweek. Well he's back, courtesy of Youtube. I actually found out about the above clip while reading the Village Voice (don't be shocked, I read everything from the left to the right). Eng actually displayed glee and pride with Cho Seung-hui's murderous rampage on Virginia Tech's campus a few weeks ago. There is no question that Eng is delusional and perhaps schizophrenic. Let's not wait until this nut decides to implode. As I mentioned in a previous entry, our resident Mr. Starks actually met Eng at a book signing and actually befriended him. It should be noted that Starks was perhaps the only person (a person of color on top of that) that actually went to Eng's table, showing interest in the subject matter. Anyway, kick back and listen to the ravings of another madman.

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