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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Dirty laundry..........

Queens church robbery suspect caughtIt happened in the St. Albans section
Eyewitness News
(Queens - WABC, May 8, 2007) - An Eyewitness News crew was at the scene of a bloody attack Tuesday. It started with a frightening armed robbery of a elderly church pastor in Queens, and ended when the pastor saw the alleged gunman commit another crime.

And our camera was rolling when the suspect tried to escape.
Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang is in Queens with the story.

It was high drama on Linden Boulevard in the St. Albans section of Queens Tuesday night: One woman was bloodied and had been assaulted, a pastor was robbed inside his house of worship, and a man fleeing down the street was later stopped by police around the corner.

Here's how the dots are all connected:

At 4:20 Tuesday afternoon Bishop Melvin Artist was in his Pentecostal church when he says three men walked in and robbed him of $1500 dollars in cash, God's money.

"The guy went through my pockets ... said shoot him and the other guy said no let's get out of here," Artist said.

The bishop was spared a bullet to the head and was prepared to give thanks when a woman next door was beaten in the head. Pastor Artist ran to help and when he pushed a man away, he says he knew he saw that face only a few hours ago.

"He changed. He put on a blue hat, but I remembered his face ..." Artist said.

Police report that the man now under arrest will likely be charged with both crimes. Meanwhile, the pastor tells me he has forgiven the robbers and prays this will be a turning point in their lives.

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