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Monday, March 26, 2007

Our leaders need a Shape Up...I mean to Shape Up!

Okay, you may have guessed that I was making fun of Dr. Cornel West's do' but the "shape up" analogy really does apply here. I came across the above clip of West's diatribe from Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union while haunting the halls of the Blackprof.com site. I pretty much made my thoughts clear regarding the ineffectiveness of cornbread and potato salad conventions like the Union's in prior entries. However, what I didn't expect in Blackprof (which espouses more of a leftist ideology) were their fair share of equally dissatisfied political customers. The premise of the Union/Cornel West entry entailed the cool reception Barack Obama has received thus far from the religious and civil rights guard of the Black Democratic elite-hence, the above Cornel West video.

Why these leaders are so reluctant to embrace alternatives, truly boggles the mind. Obama doesn't come from the religious house of alliteration that West or Sharpton often reside and therefore he can't be trusted-the hopes and needs of a people thirsty for fresh ideas are irrelevant. Again, I have written about this phenomenon before but when will people of color realize that Obama must be shared if he is to be elected-he will not be President of Black America (that' s Sharpton and Jesse's job). It is my belief that Obama will embrace a more moderate political view, if it is deemed that he is electable. More importantly, let's pray that he develops a backbone to stand strong against our so called leaders who put petty jealousies before African-American progress. Check out the Blackprof.com article in question below:

Black Prof.com on Obama

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