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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From My Mouth to God's Ears...or Was it CNN who was listening?

I just wanted to dovetail off of Mr. Stark's prior commentary with something that was truly unique in the annals of televison media. I actually found a program that finally reported something that this blog has been propogating since its inception-African-American "dirty laundry" is an open secret. No more than two days has gone by since my call to the Week in Review program, and my entire argument was the premise of tonight's Out in the Open show, hosted by CNN's Paula Zahn. Zahn's show examined the high murder rate among Black males and why it does not seem to garner analysis or at the very least, condemnation from African-American so-called leadership. Just a reminder, this was CNN not Fox. When I posited this contention on Review, it was tantamount to treason.

One can become disheartened, if not delusional when so many folks just do not appear to agree that there is a problem with Black on Black criminality. And further, these self-same naysayers will focus their attention on a White bogeyman to the exclusion of internal Black pathologies that are killing people of color with equal verve. Tonight's program also put forth an interesting statistic-93% of the murders committed by Blacks were also against Blacks. One of the show's commenters even went as far as stating that the preponderance of Black murders is inadvertantly doing the bidding of the KKK-another remark I have heard in private now being made public.

So I will once again, make a call to the Review show, this time making reference to Zahn's piece. That mirage in the desert looks a lot more real all of the sudden. Check out the links below that will surely put more salt on that festering wound. There's even a piece on a Klansman teaching at Kent State and possessing an anti-Black website. I guess he didn't get the text message that minstrel hip hop coupled with the previous murder stats are far more effective.

Klansman teaching History at Kent State

Ghetto mentality no longer color-coded-Stanley Crouch article

Side Note- I just found the transcript of the Zahn piece I alluded to in the above entry. Take a look at an excerpt:

ZAHN: "Out in the Open" tonight, the shocking amount of black- on-black violent crime in the U.S. It is something we rarely hear about. Back to our "Out in the Open" panel now. Amy Holmes, Republican political strategist. CNN contributor Roland Martin. And Air America radio host Rachel Maddow.

As a black man when you hear that 93 percent of black murder victims are killed by other blacks, do you think that blacks are their own worst victims? MARTIN: Yes. and they are doing the work of the Klan. That's exactly what's going on here. And let me deal with this -- with Reverend Sharpton's comment for a second. So let me take the CNN contributor hat off for a moment. I've been the editor of three black newspapers, the editor of a black Web site, commentator for a black cable network, and I've also been the editor of a black magazine.

And I have not covered a single rally where 50,000 African- Americans were protesting on black-on-black crime. See, when you talk about protesting against police brutality, that's an easy one, that's an institutional system there where you have white officers, black victim, let's protest.

African-Americans must stand up and be accountable and on my radio show on WVON, every time somebody black gets killed, we talk about it and I say when is enough enough? They are doing the work of the Klan. And they might as well own up to it. This is worse than what happened with lynching.

ZAHN: Why are you upset with what Sharpton had to say?

MARTIN: Well, because you're shifting the blame. Again, I want to see...

ZAHN: And that is when he placed the focus on police brutality.

MARTIN: Yes. Now he is correct that there are community leaders out there on a small scale who are doing what they're doing. But again, I want to know where are they in terms of calling for those marches, calling for mass mobilization to cut the crime in black neighborhoods.

Stop saying, well, the media doesn't cover it, no, most of them don't do it. If you have 50,000 black folks marching against black- on-black crime, trust me, the media will be there.

ZAHN: Well, why aren't they? Is it the embarrassment, the humiliation?

HOLMES: I think it's a number of factors. And first, I want to tell you, it's so good to hear you talking about this "Out in the Open." And I think there has been a conspiracy of silence around it. There's fear obviously of sort of airing the dirty laundry, Remember when Bill Cosby, you know, gave a very candid speech and he was jumped all over by black leaders saying that you shouldn't be telling white America what's going on in our communities.

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