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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kenneth Eng Hates You (and You and You and Maybe Even You)

I'm not really going to pontificate on the above gentleman's skewed racist ideology. The young man in question, Kenneth Eng was recently fired from AsianWeek for an article he wrote entitled, "Why I Hate Blacks." In all fairness, Eng was also the scribe of previous noteworthy literary works such as Why I Hate Whites and Why I Hate Asians. I assume you get the pattern here. What makes this situation even more disturbing is the fact that my Afronerdradio cohost (and future contributor to Afronerd.com) Mr. Starks actually met Eng during a book signing a few months ago.

Eng was promoting his book, Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, and Mr. Starks was the lone person that ironically approached him when no one else did. They actually exchanged information and there was no indication of him hating other minority folk. Upon Starks' encounter with Eng I even purchased the Dragons hardcover-now much to my chagrin. Perhaps we will get an interview with this young man, meanwhile take a look at his recent appearance on the Big Story on Fox (above). Eng is definitely delusional and his statements are disjointed but let's see if he spews this wisdom on our show. Perhaps the appropriate response can be best summed up by actress, Kristina Wong's clip below.

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