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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorry for the Preempted Shows, Folks! New Show Tomorrow @ 7pm: Afronerd Radio Discusses Black Robots, POTUS Scandals, Billboard Minstrel Awards & More!

Our apologies for the last two preempted shows, folks. But we had to take care of some "behind the scenes" business which just could not be avoided. Anywho...pull up a seat this Wednesday at 7pm and check out how the Captain and Dburt play sonic catch up with this week's latest stories: the team will attempt to analyze this past Sunday's Billboard awards; President Obama delivers a stirring commencement address to this year's Morehouse graduates; and speaking of the POTUS, what about those scandals? Are they much ado about nothing or is impeachment a serious consideration?; Fox's Almost Human trailer hits cyberspace about a Black android; and lastly, the tech world welcomes another newly minted millionaire. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Oh and while you wait for Daryll B's upcoming meanderings scheduled for this Saturday, take a gander at his latest blog posting:

Good Day AfroNerd Readers and Sci-Fi Fans of all ages. As I type this, I am prepping to take out a couple of loans, sell some blood and maybe donate a kidney to help support my Spring/Summer Movie watching habit. You think I am kidding? In the next three weeks I got Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6, Now You See Me (which has snuck up on me with their advertising strategy), The Hangover 3, and Epic (yes, I still go to see animated features in theaters..). Yep, I am that idiot that keeps Hollywood afloat... damn their 6 dollar sodas and 8 dollar popcorn along with insane 3-D prices.... but I still do it.....ALF help me...

In Other Less Whiney News... It Link Blog Time!

-Let's begin this with a shoutout to some true heroes...


AND they still made the prom! Here I was scared for the next generation being insensitive and less socially conscious. Total Props to you Western High School. You teaching these kids right!

-Interesting theory about what Marvel should do if their negotiations with their franchise movie stars fall through...


I am all for the extension of the Marvel Movie Empire but there does come a point of over-saturation for all things. Vampires, parody movies, buddy cop films, quirky romance, etc. all have reached a point where diminishing returns have been noticeably seen and felt by the industry. This plan would creep dangerously into that zone... even though I agree with it.

-OK now I have to prep my DVR for taping shows on Tuesday...


The trailer along with the rumored news of personal fave J. August Richards making appearances on the show as Luke Cage, had me smiling and buoyed my hopes for quality out of the SHIELD series.

-The closing of Comics Alliance forced me to venture out for a bit and I came across this review of Ghostface Killah's new comic series over at The Weekly Crisis...


Now I had gotten the album as a Wu-Tang head and thought it served well as an inverse to RZA's Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack. Knowing about the comic's availability now means that my hunt begins...

-Gee Thanks DC...


OK so the past couple of weeks have seen me lose Sword and Sorcery and Team 7. Now I lose Legion of Super-Heroes, Demon Knights, and Dial H. This means I am down to 1 DC book after August and I won't speak its name for fear of losing that one too. At least I have more money for the movies now....

-I don't know how I feel about this....


I was thinking that one of the bonuses of Geoff Johns leaving the Green Lantern franchise was getting a more well rounded portrait of John Stewart. Seems like the new guy is going to follow right in Johns' "hardcore marine" path. Ouch.

-But not all is doom and gloom for me in the land of DC. Thank you SuperFans!


I may be in the minority in liking the Nightwing/Starfire pairing more than Nightwing/Batgirl but come on.. how could anyone hate on this? THIS IS AWESOME! Kudos to the married couple and their friends and family on carrying it out. May you see plenty of years containing married bliss!

-Brian Cronin spotlights my favorite comic moment in the last year by far...


NOW THAT'S A TWIST! Mark Waid is awesome and speaking of Mr. Waid, Adam WarRock's latest nerdcore theme week is the Marvel NOW titles and here is his ode to Waid's Indestructible Hulk


WarRock Rules!

-I may not be the biggest Game of Thrones fans but between WarRock's GoT hip-hop week last month and this....


I seriously have to devote a weekend and dive right into the series more intently. Tell me that Deadpool pic shouldn't be a poster somewhere?

-Finally, and I thought I could lay the smackdown....


David Brothers shows me how it's done! And I LIKED The Following... but I have to say that he is absolutely right in just about all of his points.

That's it for me this week as I have to get ready for Star Trek. Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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