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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Finally a Blog Posting! Check Out Our Grindhouse Saturdays Broadcast Tonight at 6pm with The Comic Shoppe & Afronerd Radio @7pm

Time to be terse, folks! Pull up a seat and eat your favorite "Scooby snack" this Saturday as you listen to the words of (pulp and political) wisdom from your "Podcast Avengers" starting at 6pm eastern. And remember it's double feature time at The Grindhouse, people! First up, we have The Comic Shoppe starring Capt. Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt. This week's topics to be unpacked are: Iron Man returns on a tertiary level-and the team will give you their review; the film rights to Ghost Rider and Blade return to Marvel; the Fantastic Four reboot might get a Human Torch of color and he looks like Chronicle's Michael B. Jordan; Dburt finally checks out actor/comedian, Patton Oswalt's infamous Marvel/Star Wars rant and lastly, if time constraints permit, the team will discuss the recent release of the JLA inspired Injustice video game. Whew! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And batting second, we have Afronerd Radio, coming up to the mound at 7pm. Join Dburt and The Captain as they discuss the following issues: rappers and their endorsemnts-allegations of racism relating to Tyler the Creator's Mountain Dew web ad and Pepsi drops Lil Wayne over his Emmett Till quip; are folks still pondering the necessity of HBCUs?; the US jobs report provides a glimmer of hope and improvement , except for Black folks and is Obama to blame? ; as athlete, Jason Collins opens the closet, Youtube minstrel, Antoine Dodson shuts his closet door by renouncing gaydom and the team tackles the racist attacks being levied against Italy 's first Black cabinet member, Cecile Kyenge.


And if you missed our last episode, listen to it now:


And then we have Daryll B.'s latest blog entry. Imperius Rex!

Ok AfroNerd Followers and Sci-Fi Fans from all walks of life, I guess it is time for me to make good on my boast from last week's ComicShoppe broadcast and give you my review of SyFy's Defiance. Wait or was I going to review Terra Nova? Or was I going to review Earth 2? Or was I reviewing Farscape? Or was it Falling Skies? Or is it Caprica? Or was I going to review Outcasts (which I really, REALLY wish wasn't cancelled after 1 season!)? There's the problem outlined in a nutshell.

The premise is interesting about Earth being invaded then repelling the invasion, leaving the planet scarred and a bunch of alien races stranded on the planet with the remnants of humanity. This all comes to a head in a town called Defiance which is trying to co-habitate peacefully but the task is difficult with roving scavenger gangs, outright prejudice, different factions with EVERYONE having ulterior motives, political manipulations, and into that formula we throw in a grizzled ex-soldier/bounty hunter/scavenger and his alien adopted daughter/partner.... both with attitude problems.

Yeah. I think I just described 10+ science fiction series over the last decade and the only thing unique about the series after the first 2-3 episodes is the multi-platform exposure with the video game option to continuing the story. However since I am not a gamer, I can only hope that the series finds more on the TV side to set it apart from its ilk. OK Defiance. WOW ME! 4.5 out of 10 stars

On the other side, I must say that the trailers/commercials for Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into The Darkness, and Man of Steel continue to get me hyped for Blockbuster Season. Now that I am hyped up, let's hope that the movies can follow through and give this geek lots of quality enjoyment. You folks know either way, I will give passionate opinions about them.

-Speaking of movies, you know that Capt. Kirk predicted this 3 shows ago:


Welcome back to the fold Matt Murdock. One step closer to a Marvel Heroes For Hire or Born Again movie...

-Adam WarRock.


At the time of typing this, I have 3 of the 5 promised songs. A must have for any GoT addict...

-Congrats to Terry Moore for getting Rachel Rising optioned for TV. Kelly Thompson gives 5 more indie comic properties that she hopes will eventually get the screen treatment.


I'm greedy though. I still want to have Strangers In Paradise on TV in some form... just to see how an actress would portray Katchoo without coming across as being totally sociopathic.

-I miss Bruce Timm already.. and so do the line it is drawn artists...


..the Firefly lineup in that style kicks sooo much booty, it is illegal. However then someone did this on youtube...


..and I started smiling again. I did say in previous broadcasts and blogs that it was the age of fans producing whatever they wanted. Boy did this fan go the extra mile!

-Further proof that comics can't obscure reality for long these days....


..but all the props in the world to Mr. El Shafee for risking his safety and trying to head off the situation. A shame he got caught up in the wave of arrests and I hope he will be released soon.

-With the news this week of the upcoming season of Futurama being its last from Comedy Central, Anna Pinkert gives her opinion about the show since its return


Was it of the quality of past seasons? Nope. On this me and her agree BUT even at lower quality, Futurama is still in the top 20 shows on tv over the last 10 years. It will always have a place on my TV... screw "Reality TV", gimme HypnoToad!

-Glad this got renewed...


These days when it comes to SyFy shows, I never know when my favorites will get renewed ESPECIALLY off a cliffhanger. (See Alphas and Sanctuary)

-Boston Strong!


Great to see that the New England Comics Community were able to overcome idiots and give their fans some distractions/fun to give a moment's distraction from "terror".

-*SIGH* Chris Sims likes it.. he really likes it...


Sorry. I can't get into it... at least not yet. I still in Young Justice grieving mode..

-Picked this up over the weekend on my Atlanta trip...


..and it was OK. Based on elements from the Extremis and Five Nightmares storylines with nods to the movie franchise, Rise of the Technovore is no doubt a Warren Ellis Madhouse creation. However, watching the middle of the anime will lose anyone that isn't familiar with the Iron Man mythos. For about 30 minutes there, I hope everyone knows their Iron Man history. Otherwise, like any other Warren Ellis project, questions about humanity's failings and technology's trappings are abound. When do we say we have gotten too attached to tech? How far is too far in terms of advancement? Just how many women has Tony Stark been with? You know.. the important, thought provoking questions. LOL and oh yeah, after this I am craving a Warren Ellis Punisher project. Just watch the anime and you will see why.... 6.5 out of 10

-Well so much for the strides made by Siegel and Shuster...


This feels like that the rights for old creators just got slapped back to zero... On the eve of a movie that could have gotten their families more money.. Hence why DC and Warner Bros pushing this decision through now. Sneaky Bastards.

That's it for me this week Science Fiction Fans. Until next Time Loyal Readers, I'll See You In The Stands!

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