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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Remember Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse Broadcast Airs Sat. @6pm-In The Interim, Check Out Filmmaker, Hilton A. Ruiz' Latest Ep. of Zombie With A Shotgun (Pt. 3)

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode 3 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Once again, we'd like for our loyal listenership to take a gander at friend of the show and our resident filmmaker, Hilton A. Ruiz' latest installment from his viral horror series, Zombie with a Shotgun. And if that wasn't enough, we have a new blog posting from The Shoppe's Daryll B. Enjoy!

Hi AfroNerd Followers and science fiction fans of all ages and walks of life. This time I am blogging to you from the line of Iron Man 3 and let me tell you folks on line are absolutely giddy. This is the energy that comic companies need to capitalize on and (BIG surprise!) nothing to be found. So let me help them out: Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day. Your local comic shop should have free books from various comic companies and there will be selections to suit any interest. If you are REALLY lucky and your comic dealer is cool, he/she will have specials/fun events tied to the day also. So enjoy...

About last week's show, I apologize for the Jamie Foxx as "Blue Electro" outburst. A friend at SuperHero Comics pointed out that maybe the director is emulating the Timm/Dini animated DC universe and his character Livewire and her bluish look after she got her electrical powers. I should have thought of that but still... there are parts of me that have that "refusing to let Richard Pryor be called Brainiac in Superman" sting still.

Speaking of Brainiac, I picked up Superman Unbound and you know the saying "be careful what you wish for"? Well for the longest time, THIS was the type of movie I wanted for a live action Superman joint. In space, facing a serious menace, and being able to cut loose. However, the movie left me a bit wanting. Don't get me wrong, the animation is great and I enjoyed the fact that this was not a "G" rated movie but there are scenes in the film that will leave Superman Fans going "huh?". Especially if they loved the Geoff Johns storyline that the movie is based on, there will be one or two IMPORTANT plot elements that were left out of the film completely. Be warned... Unbound is good but could have been much better...




Ok. This is definately a hard blow. Comics Alliance as you folks know, was one of the main sites that I pulled out comics news and topics that peaked my interest. It'll be sorely missed as a news site that not only presented serious news and opinions along with lighthearted fare, but it provided a great place for debates of a comic nature.

-Don Cheadle


After his perfomance in Iron Man 3, who am I to deny Cheadle getting a main event movie turn?

-Great Point....


Sometimes, in the rush to know everything about our favorite movies, we spoil our own enjoyment for the project we are waiting for. I can't explain it and probably no other geek can give a good explanation for this paradox



A Black Human Torch and possibly a Black Invisible Woman? Well once again there isn't anything that inherently makes either character "white"... but get ready for major blowback to this one.... even though we just had a Latina Sue Storm in the previous 2 movies.

-It's been a great run


Hard for me to say this but I really think that Peter David's run on X-Factor can be put right up there with his famous Incredible Hulk run. Yep I said it....

-David Goyer tries to explain the difficulty in filming Wonder Woman and making her relevent....


My problem with this is the same with Marvel Comics' Black Panther explanation. Stop talking and just do it! Quality begets quality and I don't understand why this is so hard to capture Princess Diana on film.

-Comics Alliance captures what makes The Flash compelling...


In a nutshell, for the fastest character in DC, he can also be considered the most grounded and *gasp!* 'realistic hero their universe has got!

-Dexter Fans and Del Toro fans unite!


A truly disturbing Manga/Anime series and I consider it to be the spiritual father to joints like Dexter and The Following. Now will del Toro follow through on this? That's the question!

-With the Before Watchmen project wrapping up, 4thLetter's Gavok gives an overall review of the series....


I avoided this like the plague so mine isn't the opinion you want but I give it to Gav here. He was balanced and rational in this analysis of the run.....-Finally, in case the Iron Man 3 success inspires you to look up Iron Man tales, Brian Cronin at CSBG helps us all out with this..


As I told my friends, you can clearly see from the stories listed which ones HEAVILY influenced the movie series, for good and ill. I gave Iron Man 3 an 7 out of 10 stars for three reasons.

1) The acting was superb. I can honestly say that each of the characters were well written and the plot was on point and it is probably the most soul searching yet arguably funny entry to date in the Marvel Avengers franchise.

2) The action scenes were great. Great visuals with the armor(s) and the humans with "enhancements" were realistic and horrifying at the same time. And the shout outs to treasured Iron Man stories was awesome for a continuity geek like me...

So if I say these two things, why only a 7? Well....

3) The movie let me down in its "new world" depiction of The Mandarin.... which is a shame because Ben Kingsley knocked the role out of the park. Confused still? It is similar to my opinion to Heath Ledger as the Joker: he was great in his role but to me it was not The Joker I was expecting. Here Shane Black gives us The Mandarin and yet doesn't at the same time. Now if the organization of AIM becomes a major power player in later Marvel Movies *cough*MODOK*cough*, then it'll probably help lessen the disappointment in the bait and switch perpetrated here. As a stand alone movie move though, I know my friends were all asking me about the character and going "Huh?"....

So there you go. Blog is just a bit late because I am wrecked off my birthday week. Lord knows I have a lot to make up/answer for in this week coming up. My thanks to all of you that read this blog and put up with my meglomaniacal rantings. As long as you tolerate me, I shall continue to annoy you all in a humorous way.*BOWS* Until Next Time AfroNerd Followers and Sci-Fi Fans Of All Ages, Keep Fantasizing!

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