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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newsflash! The Comic Shoppe is Closed on Tues & Reopens (4 Now) on Sun @6pm B4 Afronerd Radio! On Wed's Show-Magic Johnson, Racist Tweets & More!

Hello,folks! As always, it is imperative to keep our ever faithful listening audience informed about the "goings on" of Afronerd Radio and by extension The Comic Shoppe. Due to unforeseeable scheduling conflicts, The Comic Shoppe will now air an hour before Afronerd Radio's Week in Review broadcast every Sunday at 6pm eastern standard time. Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk remains unchanged, with Wednesday and Sunday shows starting 7pm. The issue to be covered for Wednesday's show are: The Supreme Court revisits the subject of Affirmative Action with many experts believing that the future of government sanctioned anti-discriminatory policies are in jeopardy; are we starting to witness the unveiling of Asian vs Black tensions centered on race? An Asian R & B songwriter recently made incendiary tweets toward African--Americans in response to boxer, Floyd Mayweather's remarks toward the Knicks' Jeremy Lin and NY Daily News columnist, Stanley Crouch waxes in his latest piece on similar tensions coming from mainland China; on the "nerdic" front, can an invisibility cloak (reminiscent of Harry Potter's) safeguard buildings in the case of an earthquake and lastly, for our Blue Area positive spin segment, kudos go to former Laker and now entrepreneur, Earvin "Magic" Johnson is set to start a new and ambitious TV network entitled, Aspire with the specific intent to disseminate positive Black imagery...whew! Call us live at 646-915-9620 or send us your comments/questions/protestations at afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast!

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