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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Giants Did It! And The Comic Shoppe Airs @7pm-The Topics: Avengers Superbowl spot; Continuing POC in Comics; Evolution of Image Comics, Vs & More

Well, the Giants did it but imagine if Tom Brady was actually successful with his "Hail Mary" pass in the last remaining seconds of Sunday's Superbowl....whew-missed it by that much. Anyway, join us tonight at 7pm eastern standard time as the team discuss the following: our thoughts on the Superbowl's extended Avengers trailer (as well as GI Joe: Retaliation; John Carter, Battleship, etc) and speaking of trailers, The Amazing Spiderman reboot hits the web in an impressive way; for our Versus segment, let's keep it fun and easy this time...channeling the Geoff Johns redux on Aquaman (and how he has made the character actually interesting), which hero takes it? Aquaman vs Sub-Mariner!; we continue with last week's topic in honor of Black History month-Black portrayals in comic books from the early beginnings to the present and lastly, the evolution of Image Comics-does the company's resiliency make them the anti DC/Marvel corporate establishment? Call up live with your questions, comments and/or protestations at: 646-915-9620 or via email/IM at-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Imperius Rex and all that!

And with out further adieu, check out the latest musings from The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Morning AfroNerd Followers. I'm still in the midst of a Super Bowl Hangover so no full blog today. Here are my top links of the past week though:

1. Before Watchmen..... Newsarama lists its top ten surprises involving the project:


I know. I know. It a cash grab. It is a nostalgia project. But can't I say the same about any major book based on the past these days? All-Star Superman and Batman & Robin Folks.... NOTHING can be considered sacred when there's a chance to make money in this economic climate.

2. Newsarama chooses its favorite Image Series in this its 20th Anniversary:


For the record, my favorite Image book was Tellos followed by Stormwatch....

3. Meanwhile, this isn't very good news for me:


...but hopefully Waid can tie up both series' runs satisfactorily.....

4. Woo-Hoo! Finally one of my favorite arcade games makes it to home consoles: The Simpsons Arcade Game from the 90's


Homer Bowling Ball Attack!

5. David McGregor lists his top 8 video game consoles of all time


I'm partial to the Super Nintendo myself....

6. Inspired by Chronicle (which I REALLY recommend), Jeremy Thomas lists his top 8 "found footage" films of all time


7. Ok.. Andrew Garfield just earned some major points in my book and you'll know exactly when in this Andy Khouri coverage of the Amazing Spider-Man interview/preview:


Waiting for certain groups to get pissed off in 3...2....1....

8. Oh yeah, I think a lot of eyes saw this but I'll add it anyway:


How anyone is hating on this movie right now is beyond me?!?!?!

9. But I will hate on this:


Come on! It's freaking Bayformers 4!!!!! They just sunk my childhood fondness for Battleship!!

Okies I hope everyone had a good weekend. Until next time Sci-Fi fans, Keep Fantasizing!

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